Consistency is key when you own your own business. It is so easy to fall off message, and then 150x harder to get back on it after a glitch so we have to work extra hard in all aspects to ensure that doesn’t happen. Colors must match, fonts must sync, and our brand mission must always be strong. I spend a ton of time synchronizing things in all of the businesses that I run so i was so amazingly surprised, and relieved, when I received a gorgeous package filled with lovely notecards, postcards and letterhead from Printi. They totally got it…and delivered in spades. I’m a huge fan of the handwritten note whether I’m asking someone how I can be of service or simply just saying hi and these tools are beautiful. Printi is an online printer that delivers value-based custom printed solutions that maintain a high level of quality. Visually, the work is stunning and this is such a great solution for entrepreneurs who are also short on time (aren’t we all). Their site is highly intuitive and they just get it.

Plus, they’re offering 15% off for all Mogul Mom members with the promo code MOGULMOM15. What’s better than that? Stay on message with products that speak YOU. I’m certainly happy and I know you’ll be too.


Gabriella Ribeiro

Owner + Editor In Chief at The Mogul Mom
Gabriella is a true Mogul Mom. The owner and editor in chief of The Mogul Mom. She also owns TruMarketing, Explorateur Journeys, is the founder of The 48 Hour Power Jaunt.

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