The 70 Women You Want Your Daughter to Grow Up to Be

The question is simple: Who do you want your daughters to be?

Women in every field, and all across the world are rising to answer this question in a powerful way. Astronauts, physicists, CEO’s, even leaders of countries can come from just about anywhere. If there is a will, there is a way.

If you’re a farm girl in Iowa, there’s a possibility of winning two NASA medals and becoming the person to log the most hours of any human in space like Peggy Whitson. You could grow up in the heart of Louisiana and turn laughter into an artform that netted you millions and led you to be named the 50th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes, like Ellen Degeneres.

You could hail from the shores of Maryland, and be the first woman to lead the stock exchange as the CEO of Nasdaq, making you the third most powerful woman in the world, like Adena Friedman. From the cornfields of Minnesota, you could emerge as one of the most powerful female athletes of the world, becoming the first American woman to win gold in the Olympics downhill skiing event like Lindsey Vonn.

Across the globe, women are rising up and leading.

It’s important—not only for our daughters but for all women who are finding their place in the world—to know that the greatest things are imaginable—and even possible.

Take Sally Yates, who is single-handedly changing the trade unions in Australia, or Ellen Johnson Sirleaf the former President of Liberia and the first-elected female head of state in Africa who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011. Born in India, Indra Nooyi is the chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, the second largest food and beverage business in the world, making her the 11th most powerful woman in the world according to Forbes in 2017. Named the number one most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine, Angela Merkel was born in Germany. She has served as chancellor there since 2005 and has led a revolution for change in her country, from abolishing the draft, advocating for shared family leave, creating large-scale energy reform, and stabilizing the economy.

If this list is inspiring, the entire list of 70 Inspirational Women spanning the globe will set you reeling. Inspiring, thought-provoking, and energizing, this list of women should encourage anyone—male or female—to make the most of their time on this earth and leave their mark.



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  1. Jazmin Cybulski

    It’s good to know that even with all the bad, difficult things going on in the world, there is still progress being made by incredible women.


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