7 Items Every Mompreneur Needs to Get That #Bosslady Look

The alarm goes off at 5:30am and I jump (well, more like slowly glide) out of bed. From 5:30am – 8:00am I’m consumed with getting everyone out the door as quickly as possible. At 8:00am my kiddo heads out to school, I spend 30 seconds recounting my morning to make sure no one has forgotten anything, and then my workday begins. My days include 1 or all the following- Client Skype calls, out shopping for clients, blogging and attending networking events. Followed by school pick up, kiddos activities, evening clients calls, dinner, more work and finally getting into bed. Then at about 2am I suddenly wake up remembering some odd thing I forgot to do. At that point I’m wide awake, at 5:30am the alarm goes off and the day starts all over again. Sound familiar? I’m sure most of you fabulous mompreneurs can relate to chaotic days like mine. And thinking about what to wear isn’t at the top of the priority list because, well, does it even matter what you wear? The answer is… Yes.

Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up and Never Give Up

I get it, I really do. It is a bit preposterous to think that with all we do in 1 day that we also have to think about putting together a complete outfit with the appropriate shoes, accessories and a touch of make-up. But, here’s the deal- what you wear does have an effect of on your mood, productivity and confidence. And science has gone on ahead and proven it. A study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science concluded that wearing formal business attire vs casual attire made people feel more in control, powerful and better negotiators. Did you know what you wear can help you stay focused on your tasks? A study conducted at Northwestern University had half a group wear a doctor’s lab coat (formal look) and the other half wear a painter’s smock (casual look). The half wearing the doctor’s lab coat performed much better on attention demanding tasks than those wearing the painter’s smock.

Now, does all of this mean we have to wear a suit every day? No, not unless you want to… But what it does mean is that we need to be mindful of what we’re are wearing because dressing up is a key to success.  

This is How We Do It

Dressing up is important- got it. Now, what do you wear? Unfortunately, there is no set “mompreneur dress code” so the “what to wear” isn’t that clear. But, as momprenuers we know we need outfits that are versatile, professional, machine washable, comfortable, easy to mix and match and of course stylish. While this may seem like a tall order there is no need to worry because there are items that fit the bill!

Here are the 7 items that every momprenuer needs to help her look and feel like the #bosslady she is.

1) Dark Denim– A core part of any entrepreneur’s dress code. Denim is comfortable, easy to wear, goes with pretty much anything and the perfect item for moms on the go. Denim in a dark rinse gives a more polished look to an outfit so you can go from a meeting pitching your product to your kid’s soccer game without an outfit change.

2) Black Pants– For when the dark denim needs a break, black pants come to the rescue. With various cuts and styles like ankle, crop, skinny, boot cut, etc., there are many ways to dress these pants up or down. Stylist Tip- Choose black pants in a ponte fabric. This fabric has stretch for comfort, is wrinkle free, durable, easy to care for and perfect for traveling. (Que in the angels singing).

3) Printed Blouse– Pick a print, any print. A printed top can bring an outfit to life and this is where you can really show off your personality and style. A classic style may call for a textured blouse in a fun pop of color. A floral tunic is great for a bohemian style. For a trendier look opt for a blouse in rainbow colored stripes. These blouses can easily mix and match with solid pants or skirts.

4) The Third Piece– Adding a third layering piece, such as a blazer or cardigan, is a quick and easy way to elevate any outfit. If you need to transition to a more casual look all you have to do is take off the blazer and viola, you have a new outfit.

5) Accessories– Not one item, but one category. Whether it’s a necklace, earrings, a scarf, bracelet or watch an accessory can automatically turn your outfit from drab to fab. Accessories are the focal point of an outfit so when you’re in a major rush just throw on a statement necklace or tassel earrings to make your outfit pop.

6) A Solid Colored Multi-Purpose Bag– Do not, I repeat, do not carry more than one bag. Carrying a separate work bag, diaper bag and purse will just make you look and feel disheveled. Carry one tote bag and be done.

7) Black Shoes– Black shoes can be worn with multiple outfits. Find the style that’s comfortable and works for you- either pumps, flats, wedges or booties. The key though is to keep them scuff free so a trip to the shoe repair place will probably need to be scheduled in every once and a while.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

What you wear has an impact on how you work, how you feel and helps tell the story of who you are. I hope this post makes it a little easier for all of you amazing momprenuers to put together outfits that enable you to dress to your style and be the best version of yourself.

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Monisha Kapur, founder of 344pm, helps working moms and women entrepreneurs find their stand out style. She provides one-on-one online wardrobe consultations that are tailored to their individual style, budget and body shape.

Monisha first learned how to spot trends while working in NYC’s fashion industry. Her fashion advice has been featured in publications such as Working Mother, Bustle, SWAAY, and Red Tricycle Seattle.

When she’s not working with her fabulous clients, blogging, binge watching anything on Netflix or travelling- she can be found spending time with her techie husband and 10 year old daughter (aka her assistant buyer).

Follow Monisha on Facebook,  or Instagram for tips on how you can dress your style.



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