Ecommerce Tips for Mompreneurs Selling Their Art Online


Whether you make amazing prints, design beautiful jewelry or create stunning woodcuts, selling your art online can be a profitable and fun way to make money. However, entering the world of ecommerce can feel intimidating while trying to take care of a family. From picking out a point of sale system to setting up your online store, the process can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, you can find success online as a mompreneur by following some simple steps.


Consider Setting Up Your Own Online Store


You’ve read all the recommended ecommerce books, researched competitors, stockpiled art supplies and finally feel ready to start a business. The first step is figuring out where you’ll host the online store to sell your creations. Although many artists turn to sites like Etsy or Ebay to set up their online shops, you may want to consider creating your own website to make sales.


In addition to charging the usual transaction fees, Etsy charges a listing fee for each item. If you have an active shop, these fees can quickly add up. Likewise, Ebay has multiple selling fees that vary based on the type of item and category. Moreover, sites like these have strict guidelines that you must follow and can stifle your creativity.


Many mompreneurs have set up their own online stores using website builders like WordPress, Wix or Shopify. With your own website, you don’t have to pay listing or seller fees, and you don’t have to abide by someone else’s rules. You also never have to worry about another website that is hosting your art shutting down or deactivating your account unexpectedly.


Find the Right Payment System


You need to figure out the payment system you’ll use before launching an online store. It makes you look professional and simplifies the process. Consider using an online point of sale system that offers multiple features, so you don’t have to rely on different programs and can just use one. For example, Shopify’s point of sale (POS) system accepts credit cards, debit cards and even gift cards. You can create discount or promo codes for special art sales. You can also use the same system to track your inventory, analyze sales and keep all information secure.


The payment system you select has to be seamless. If you pick the wrong one, you’ll spend more time dealing with angry customers than selling your art. Make sure you choose a payment processor that has 24/7 support. You never know when you’ll have a retail emergency that requires help. It’s not uncommon for a mompreneur to be dealing with a difficult sale at midnight, after all the kids are in bed.


Think of the Details Early


Little details like the type of packaging you’ll use to ship the art or how you’ll show off your logo can seem small, but they’re important. When you’re launching an online store, consider going through the following checklist to make sure you have the details planned out. Some of these small things can sneak up on you and make selling your art a hassle instead of a joy.


Checklist for Selling Your Art Online:

  • Figure out what you’ll sell first. Create more than one item, so it’s ready to launch.
  • Set up your online store and test all the links or pages.
  • Set up your payment processor or online point of sale system and test it.
  • Make sure your privacy policy, disclosures and other notices are clear and easy to find.
  • Figure out your refund and return policy. Make sure it’s visible on your site.
  • Have a trusted friend or family member look at your entire online store and provide feedback.
  • Figure out your shipping policy. Select packaging and shippers. Test out the process by shipping one item to yourself.


Many mompreneurs have launched successful online stores to sell their art. You can join them by setting up your own shop and sharing your creations with the world.



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