The Stressed Parent’s Essential Guide To Selling A Home With Kids

Let’s start this post off on an honest note: moving is dreadful. Between the organizing and packing on top of having to settle into a new space, it’s hard to find enjoyment in moving. Something that could inevitably make it worse is having to move and sell your home when you have kids, especially if they’re young. However, it doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds as long as you use a bit of creative thinking and plan ahead. Today, we’re going to discuss the essential guide to selling a home with kids so that the entire debacle will go smoothly and without problems. Here are some tips.


Have an open discussion with your kids

We don’t give children enough credit as we should sometimes, and often avoid tough subjects. Leaving the home where they’ve grown up in and have enjoyed countless enjoyable memories in can and will be a tricky subject, but addressing it as soon as possible and opening a discussion about it will make things seem less upsetting. Tell them why you’re selling the house and what the benefits of settling into a new place will be. Make the move seem exciting, not sad.


Look into a babysitter

The act of moving is stressful enough, let alone having to watch and entertain your small children while trying to pack. We suggest hiring a babysitter for days when you want to focus and buckle down on organizing and packing. That way, you won’t have to worry about the kids!


A babysitter is also a great idea for if people will be viewing the home. Kids are great, but some people may be put off by them running around the house while viewing it. Have a babysitter take them out for the day! This and other open house tips for sellers will help your home sell much more quickly. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


Make moving fun

Like we said earlier, moving is dreadful. Luckily, not all parts of it have to be, especially when you have the help of kids. Children have wide imaginations that you can tap into to make moving more fun. Find fun ways to decorate moving boxes in order to help organize. Dream up ways to decorate the new house! Whatever works for you and your family, try it. It will make the process that much more enjoyable.


Out with the old

Kids grow so fast, and as parent’s, it’s hard to let go of things that no longer serve us or our children simply because of the memories. This goes for clothing, toys, and much more. Now is the time to sort through and lose what is no longer needed. Donate gently used clothes so that other families can use them. This goes the same for toys and games. Keep the important items, but say goodbye to the clutter.


Selling a house with kids doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds. With a little creativity and planning, you’ll forget you’re even doing it! For more posts and inspiration for entrepreneurial moms, check back at the Mogul Mom frequently.



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