Three Apps Most Small Businesses Can Use

Small business owners are usually the ones responsible for getting all the paperwork done because they don’t have Human Resources, accounting, or procurement departments.

Fortunately, some small business apps can help do paperwork on your computer or through mobile devices. Here are some of the apps you should consider using to get work done more efficiently.

Square Point of Sale

This app allows small business owners to accept payments from credit or debit cards from mobile devices while servicing customers at their homes or places of business. A small shop can also take payments at the counter using an iPad or an Android tablet PC.

It allows you to get paid within two business days or less or you can pay a 1% fee on deposits to your account and get paid as soon as the same day.

An add-on to this app called Square Invoices allows small business owners to manage invoices by creating, sending, and tracking their status.

Square Point of Sale is a free app that you can download to iOS and major Android devices as well. The invoice app is included with this application by going to invoices on the main menu.

Humanity Employee Schedule Maker

One of the most time-consuming jobs that business owners do is to create schedules for their employees.

While scheduling a handful of full-time employees can be easy, if you have a business that is open more than one shift and has both full and part-time workers, scheduling can get complicated.

Fortunately, Humanity has a good solution for creating schedules. Along with being able to create them by clicking on cells, you can use past schedules and copy them on the screen to create new ones.

Also, the app has stats on each employee’s hours and how much they’ve made based on the time allotted. The scheduler allows you to customize the view so that you can see the current schedule for each day, week, two weeks, or the entire month.

This work schedule maker can cut the time it used to take to create new schedules, and its up-to-date information is at your fingertips through your mobile device when you need it. You can update the schedule on your phone as well.


If your business involves selling and shipping products to customers, then ShipStation can help streamline the process.

It is a web-based program that can create and print shipping labels, connect to major shipping companies, process orders, track shipments, and act as fulfillment for your company.

For business owners that wear an Apple watch, they can get order alerts directly through their watch, notifying them of new orders without needing to search their email inboxes.

ShipStation costs $9 per month for up to 50 shipments, or you can get unlimited shipments for $145 a month.

There are dozens of applications that you can select for your small business that can make doing paperwork more efficient.

Instead of spending hours a week tracking invoices, making schedules, looking up payroll information, or arranging for shipping labels to be printed, select these three apps to help you get things done.



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