Top 3 Best Places to Live in the United States

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone to learn that some cities, towns, or villages in the US are going to be better places to live than others. Depending on your personal finances and other factors, the city amenities of downtown Bellevue might be right up your alley. On the other hand, you’ve got to see these luxury apartments for rent in lower Manhattan if you live and work in the Big Apple and can afford to live in this expensive yet sophisticated city.

No matter what, some places to live will definitely be better than others depending on a wide range of factors. We’re going to tell you about some of the most popular locations to live in the US, and based on the information we share below, you can determine which area is right for you.

  1. Denver, Colorado

Many people have a tendency to flock to Denver because you get to live life in style in this gorgeous city. The Denver Tech Center, otherwise known as the DTC, is filled with huge skyscrapers and gorgeous luxury apartments and makes extravagant living in this city a wonderful way of life.

You’ll love going to Coors Field to watch the Colorado Rockies knock the cover off the ball during baseball season. The beautiful Mount Evans scenic byway is truly a sight to behold. And historic Larimer Square is a huge attraction in Mile High City. It’s filled with beautiful shops, restaurants, and other amazing tourist venues that you’ll never soon forget.

  1. Portland, Oregon

Living life in Portland, Oregon is certainly a treat. The experience is unique and often exciting to say the least. Hipsters and progressive politics rule the roost, so young folk seem to love living and working in this amazing community.

Portland, Oregon is different than some of the larger cities throughout the US. It’s home to more than 630,000 people, yet it still feels like a small, tight knit community. It’s common to find people raising animals in their backyard and keeping bees. Although it rains a lot in Portland, sunny days go well into the fall and you’ll notice plants beginning to grow in late February in anticipation of the spring.

Many people love living in this Northwest refuge because it’s one of the friendliest towns in the United States. Remember, even though it’s a relatively large city, it has a small town feel and people here love talking to one another. So if you’re coming from a place like New York City, it might take a moment to adjust to the friendly attitudes of the people living in this amazing place. People are more relaxed, happy, and definitely friendlier toward one another here.

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is also an amazing progressive city in the United States of America. People living in this vibrant community have a beautiful quality of life and an opportunity to take advantage of the best this world has to offer.

The economy is dynamic, there are plenty of great places to go if you’re looking for entertainment, and they have some of the best restaurants in the US. There are many opportunities for recreational activities, and the sports teams are second to none, so you’ll definitely want to go to a baseball or hockey game to root for your favorite teams.

Minneapolis has a strong economy, it’s visually beautiful, the food scene is to die for, and a feeling of excitement permeates the air. You should consider moving to this exciting progressive city in the near future.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, some places in the United States are going to be better than others depending on your personal wants and needs. We highly recommend checking out our three favorites mentioned today if you plan to relocate in the near future because they are all excellent choices.




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