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I travel. A LOT. And one of the things that I always find challenging is finding a pair of headphones that work with me.  Why?  Earbuds are fine but they constantly fall out of my ears especially when on the fast move. Noise cancelling headphones are great but I just can’t sleep with them on a plane, or drive with them, or do much else with them without being slightly uncomfortable. And then, I discovered Cozy Phones. I had no idea what they were to begin with but on seeing them for the first time, I was instantly into the idea. With these genius finds,  headphones are easily  embedded into headbands of various ranges from kid-friendly themes to more stylish options for fitness enthusiasts on the go. They are easy to use, non-cumbersome, they travel well and best of all, if you have kids they will love the designs and the fact that they will never, ever fall off which, trust me, if you have kids, is a nonstop issue.
The headbands are also great for being out in colder weather and feel light and easy, promoting a comfortable snooze especially if you’re in flight.  Check them out- and tell them the Mogul Mom sent you!

Gabriella Ribeiro

Owner + Editor In Chief at The Mogul Mom
Gabriella is a true Mogul Mom. The owner and editor in chief of The Mogul Mom. She also owns TruMarketing, Explorateur Journeys, is the founder of The 48 Hour Power Jaunt.

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