Overwhelmed By Work? Try These Methods

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by work. As a parent, you constantly have a lot on your plate. That’s why you need your business to run as smoothly as possible. We all want to streamline our workload to create a system that cuts down on stress, waste, and lost productivity. Finding the right method is key, but that takes time! Luckily, this guide will provide the best methods for defeating work overwhelm so you can get your business on track for even more success!

Method 1: Step Back

When you’re standing up close to a problem, it’s hard to find an actual solution. It’s easy to feel stressed to the point where you’re not able to accomplish much of anything. The first step in tackling work overwhelm in your business is to simply take a step back and plan. Once you’ve distanced yourself from the problem, you can begin to think analytically about a solution.

Stop your racing thoughts. Give yourself a break to breathe and do something calming. Finally, take a piece of paper and write down a list of everything you need to accomplish and when. Sometimes just getting them on paper helps relieve stress!

Method 2: Streamline with the Kanban System

The Kanban system has proven to help reduce waste and boost productivity. It’s been around since the early days of automation, and it’s no surprise it’s picked up popularity recently as businesses look for new ways to create better systems. The Kanban system is simple. Instead of having an endless list of things you’re working on, you’ll limit it to the most high-priority items at once.

You can visualize your workflow very simply with the Kanban system. Imagine 3 columns: to-do, in-progress, and done. Under this system, you only worry yourself with the work in your progress column. The things in the to-do column will go into your progress column only after another project has been completed. This keeps you from doing more things than you can handle. This method really helps you cut down on excess work stress!

Method 3: Sweat the Small Stuff

You’ve probably always heard to do the hardest tasks first before anything else. While this certainly has its place and makes sense when you are under normal levels of stress, tackling the small stuff first frees you up for the bigger challenges. If you’re constantly facing small emails back and forth with employees or customer service issues, these will get in the way of your workflow with the most important things.

Taking time to take care of these small things first can really streamline your work process after. Having your mind freed of these small tasks gives you more space to work on complex projects, not to mention it’s much less stressful! Make it a habit to start your workday by answering emails, making necessary calls, and taking care of the small stuff so these things don’t bother you later!

Method 4: Outsource

As a business owner, it’s hard to let go of a of tasks. If you want something done right, you usually have to do it yourself. While it’s definitely valuable to take care of big projects for your business on your own, there are many ways to outsource small tasks that get in the way of your productivity.

Do you want to spend your day designing your website but you keep getting stuck with admin tasks? Do you want to work on product development but you’re busy finishing your employee payroll? These things are important, but they’re also time consuming.

For small everyday admin tasks, consider hiring a virtual assistant to help pick up the slack during the day. They can do as little or as much as you need! For help with more complex projects, consider outsourcing to a freelancer who has the skills you need. Sure, you might have the time to figure out your tech problem on your own, but a freelance developer can probably fix it in a few short hours without the stress. Ultimately, it will come down to what you value most for your business.

Are you currently overwhelmed by your daily tasks as a business owner? You’re not alone! Part of being a business owner is knowing how to manage your methods to find a system that works for you! Start with a combination of these



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