Student loan debt as a single mom

Dealing with kids, work, and time management as a single parent is not a stroll in the park. As it wasn’t hard enough already, add student loan debt to the list. Give yourself a break and let us guide you toward 5 cash-saving tips for a happier budget!

1) Become a vintage expert

We know the excitement of updating the closet once in a while. Especially once the spring season collection arrives at the stores. However, it often breaks the budget! Instead, spend more time in your favorite second-hand stores, and become the next vintage fashionista! Don’t sacrifice an updated closet – go vintage style! Vintage shopping is setting up for success as you’ll leave the store with unique clothes, and a happy wallet!

2) Staycation

It’s summertime and all you want to do is enjoy a vacation with the kids. That’s why staycation is the new trend. Enjoy the best of two worlds; the excitement of a vacay but the comfort of staying home. Plan your staycation with your kids – let them write a list of things to do in your hometown. Swimming in a lake, picnics in the park, or visiting a nearby farm? Stay creative while exploring your hometown with the eyes of a tourist.

3) Plan ahead for upcoming Holiday expenses

Planning ahead is not always easy, although the rewards are worth every minute! Buying gifts, visiting family, or hosting Holiday dinners tend to be costly no matter how close you stay to your budget. That’s why planning ahead is key! Set aside small chunks of the paycheck to you saving accounts. By the time the holidays arrive, your saving account is dancing of excitement for all without taking a toll on your well being.

4) Carpooling for the kids

Many of your kids’ classmates most likely live in your community. Allow more time to yourself and work by setting up a rotating carpool schedule for the kids with other parents in your neighborhood. Not only are you kids going to love more time with their friends – you can save big bucks on gas money. Why not catching up with an old friend next time you have an extra hour to yourself, while the kids are safely commuting to their extracurricular activity with another parent.

5) Consolidate your student loans

Dealing with high student loan payments each month can be a budget breaker for single moms. If you’re not happy with your current bill, you could qualify for a LOWER monthly payment (which could be as low as $0 per month – pending eligibility). Docupop is a trustworthy, 3rd party doc prep company who specialize in helping student borrowers simplify their debt. They’ve helped THOUSANDS of borrowers better understand their student loan options to accurately qualify and file for the best repayment plan possible to fit both your needs and your budget.  To find out which repayment programs you may qualify for, call Docupop at (866) 269-5501 or visit their website below to get help now.



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