4 Natural Solutions to Dog Anxiety

Does your dog look gloomy? Has your dog become so irritable in the recent past? Just like any other human being, your pet could be stressed and could be needing remedies for dog anxiety.

Symptoms of Dog Anxiety

How can you tell when your dog is experiencing anxiety? Well, look out for the following behaviors in your dog.

  • Increased irritability and aggression toward other animals and people
  • Feeding on her poop
  • Peeing and pooping in confinement areas
  • Chewing up things around your home
  • Unending barking
  • Gloomy tendencies

Natural Dog Anxiety Remedies

How do you go about this? Which are the recommended remedies whose effectiveness has been justified by experts?

These questions could potentially confuse you if you lack adequate nutritional and veterinary skills. However, you don’t have to be a professional pet handler for you to relieve your canine of its anxiety. A guide on natural and readily available remedies could significantly alleviate your dog’s stress.

Would you love to know how? Read on then!

Note: depending on your pet, either one or a combination of the guidelines could help with anxiety.

  1. Exercise

Exercising together with your pet is one of the top bonding experiences you can ever have. But how does exercise improve your dog’s anxiety? Well, when your dog works out, exercise helps her to work off a lot of the pent-up nervous energy.

Research indicated a positive correlation between increased physical exercise in animals and humans and reduced outward anxiety symptoms. Through practice, organisms achieve hippocampus neurogenesis stimulation. Hippocampus growth stimulation is associated with reduced anxiety and depression symptoms (1).

Further, exercise triggers stress hormone rush. Consequently, exercise trains animals to cope with stress. Thus, animals that exercise regularly exhibit lesser anxiety during stressful contexts.

Consider running a total of between nine and fifteen miles each week. My dog has cultivated the habit of running, and she seems to enjoy it more than any other exercise. What I love about it is that she rarely gets gloomy.

  1. Essential Oils for Dog Anxiety

The science of aromatherapy has been shown to give off desirable results for humans. Interestingly, the technique has been justified as having to relax and calming properties, especially among distressed dogs (2).

What is that seeming to distress your dog a lot? Is it a thunderstorm, gunshot, car siren, your yell, or even the scary noises made by other animals? My dog is especially startled by thunderstorms, and she shuts down in the event of a storm. But, through a friend, I learned the magic hidden in essential oils for dog anxiety.

Their calming scents should choose essential oils for dog anxiety. You may decide to put drops of such essential oils like lavender on your dog’s collar or to hand an essential oil collar medallion. The trick here is that your dog can smell the oil’s aroma with ease but cannot reach it to lick it.

  1. Obedience Training

There’s empowerment in training. Through training, your dog gains confidence over anxiety. Therefore, getting a good trainer implies that you can learn commands that are crucial in helping your dog counter stressful and anxious moments. (3)

However, do not expect instant results. Training is not a quick but a lasting fix. It might take you a few months before you finally see the results, but it will be useful in the long run.

  1. Use Focus Toys

Is your dog anxious because of an event currently underway? You can achieve instant anxiety relief by redirecting her attention. This help can come from the commands you learned through obedience training, or you may revert to focus toys.

There is a wide variety of such focus toys. It is vital that you purchase durable toys which can resist tear and wear to avoid unnecessary replacement costs. Follow this link to access reliable dog toy reviews.

My dog loves her rawhide bone toy, and she entirely focuses on tearing through it every time I throw it to her. I usually do this in the event of raging storms which usually scare her a lot.


The secret to alleviating your dog’s anxiety could lie in exercise, focus toys, essential oils for dog anxiety, or even obedience training. Usually, a dog will respond positively to any of the above natural remedies. However, I recommend that you try each of the treatments consistently, and your dog could benefit from a combination of the remedies.

Which of the above tricks have you ever tried? Have they proved to be effective? What are your secrets and thoughts to improving your dog’s anxiety? We’d love to know.


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