How to Write Interesting Webinar Content

A really engaging and valuable webinar is not the easiest thing to pull off. You’ve probably been to a few boring webinars that felt like a waste of your time. So when it’s your turn to create some webinar content you might be a bit worried. Don’t be. With the right elements, a webinar can be a fun and valuable experience for everyone involved.

Your topic

Make your topic as specific as possible. The more specific it is the more it will draw people in. A narrower topic will also allow you to go in-depth enough to actually provide some content that benefits your audience. A good webinar should solve a problem for its audience, so keep that in mind when deciding your topic.


Think about your topic. Now think about whether that topic is best suited to an interview, Q&A, panel, or presentation format. Consider that any format will have its pros and cons. A webinar that is focused on an interview with an expert in an industry can be incredibly engaging and informative. There’s also the possibility that your guest could go off script, so keep that in mind and prepare for it. If you’re looking to get some really good user engagement, consider using the Q&A format. Just make sure you have the questions vetted beforehand or you could have some less than desirable results. A panel focused webinar is a great way to get some different perspectives on a topic. Be sure to have a moderator and that your panelists are well prepared for the event. “The most common, and probably the easiest, webinar format is the presentation. If you decide to go this route you’ll want to make sure the presenter is very engaging, since most people have seen a LOT of PowerPoint presentations,” suggests Anne Carlson, webinar creator at Assignment Help.


Start by welcoming your participants, and make sure everyone knows they are in the right place. Let your audience know early on that you are saving some very important content for the end, and they will want to stick around. Briefly outline what you’ll be talking about, while introducing yourself and telling them a bit about what you do. Now it’s time to get into your actual content. You want to give them enough to provide some real value, while leaving them wanting more. Keep in mind that a good webinar will be 80% free content, which will promote the 20% that is paid. At this point you should have them interested and you can give them your pitch and introduce them to your paid content. Tell them about the results you can provide, and then it’s time to answer questions.

A solid script

You really don’t want to wing it, people can tell. Along with your facts, ensure that you find an engaging way to present your information. Practice it in front of a friend or colleague and get some honest feedback. Holding an audience’s attention for 30 plus minutes isn’t easy. Use examples and humour. Try and focus your script’s topic on how it applies to your audience and how they can benefit.


You will want to have a lot of slides. One common mistake people make with their webinar is not having enough. Spread your information out among a lot of slides and don’t spend more than a minute on any given slide, or you’ll start to lose people. Your slides should be a guide; you really don’t want to be just reading them. Remember to include questions to keep people engaged and break things up a bit. The more visuals you have, the better.

Writing your description and slides

Here are some resources that will help you write a perfect webinar description and slides:

#1 – State Of Writing and Writing Populist are useful resources for proper grammar use.

#2 – BoomEssays and Essayroo are good proofreading tools, recommended by Best Australian Writers.

#3 – CiteItIn and Easy Word Count are good resources to help you with citations and making sure your word count is correct.

#4 – SimpleGrad and UKWritings are writing communities that can help you with webinar script writing.

#5 – ViaWriting and My Writing Way are useful writing guides.

#6 – BigAssignments is a good resource that will help you write your webinar description.

Get creating

Webinars don’t have to be boring; and they don’t have to be an intimidating task for their creators either. Choose a topic that you feel can help some people solve a problem. Pick a format that you think both suits the topic and that will keep your audience interested. Put some thought and time into your script. Design your slides with your audience’s attention span in mind. Use the writing tools provided to make sure everything looks polished. Use this guide and your webinar will be a success.


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