I remember when my parents used to shout “turn that down!” when I’d blast my music in my room, and forget about it when headphones came of age. My Sony Walkman got a thorough workout to the point that my headphones would crackle in no time and now, as a parent, I find myself hyper sensitive about these kinds of things!

So, when I found Lil Gadgets, naturally I was intrigued.

My 9 year old daughter loves music as much as I do and these things are every parent’s wish come true. Not only are they durable, they fold easily to fit in any mom’s bag as we know who will inevitably carry them.  They have a noise reduction component which means you no longer have to worry about their hearing being compromised. They have a share port so friends & siblings can connect each other and share their music & games which we know is paramount for them. And, most importantly to my daughter, she says “they are super-duper comfy like pillows” when it comes to the headband and ear pads.  They’re fantastic, durable and affordable – order a pair and consider gifting one to a fellow parent. They’ll be glad you did!

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