The Only Travel Bag That Makes My Daughter Even More Sparkalicious

OK- I take my daughter everywhere I can. She’s only 10 and she’s worn out 2 passports already, traversing through 30 countries and counting and that’s a ton of wear and tear on travel gear. Believe me.  And then, we discovered Bixbee and their amazing Sparkalicious Backpack.  Naturally, it caught her eye because of the blink…we’re talking raspberry shimmer that stands out for miles. Bonus for me, as it’s easier to spot her if she strays an extra foot out of my immediate eyeline.

This bag has it all- it’s got pockets galore, secret compartments, sturdy zippers,  formidable binding and seems to be able to be tossed anywhere and everywhere without suffering even so much as a mark or a scratch. What I loved most is that it’s entirely durable. I’m talking marker-proof, slime-proof and just about anything-proof that my daughter generally stuffs in a bag that winds up making an unbelievable mess. It fit her perfectly and It’s also great to know that it’s PVC free, pthalate free, lead free and BPA free.  Trust me, you need this bag!


Gabriella Ribeiro

Owner + Editor In Chief at The Mogul Mom
Gabriella is a true Mogul Mom. The owner and editor in chief of The Mogul Mom. She also owns TruMarketing, Explorateur Journeys, is the founder of The 48 Hour Power Jaunt.

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  1. Nicole Emanuel

    How cool! My daughter is 12 and I’ve always had her by my side. My daughter is such a girlie girl and so this bling bling really fits her. I had no idea this product existed and so thank you for putting this out there, we are ordering one now!


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