Working moms are, quite literally, the superheroes of a family household. But, even Superman needed some guidance in the midst of saving the world. If you need more balance as a working mother, here are some powerful tips that will help to create just that.


If you feel any sort of guilt about the time you spend at work—don’t. Feeling guilty is an unnecessary anxiety induced emotion that does nothing more than prolong your success at work or at home. The key to eliminating guilt is merely living in every current moment.

For example, there are days where you may have to work late and miss dinner with your family. Days like this are inevitable, and rushing to finish your work out of guilt does nothing but negatively impact your work ethic.

When you blame yourself for being a working mother, you are essentially punishing yourself for having a career. And when you think of it like that, it sounds silly; for having a career is something that your family is proud of, and you should be too.

It’s not easy to let go of that guilt, so here are some positive aspects of being a working mom:

  • Teaching your kids independence
  • Demonstrating great work ethic
  • Ability to keep a stable financial situation
  • Quality time with family and children is cherished


Keeping a family calendar takes out the mystery of when mom is available to play. As a working mom, calendars are a visually organized tactic that helps to keep your family and kids up to date with when you are free to spend time with them.

Not only does it prepare your family on a monthly basis for activities and free time, but it also ensures that there is no surprise when it comes to your career.

As a family, use those free time slots to plan some monthly activities and fun quality time periods together. Keeping a calendar gives your children something to look forward to each week or month and, as a result, will help to lessen that guilt of being a working mother in the first place.

Click HERE for some quality family activity ideas!


Although it may feel like technology takes over our kids lives, use that technology like time clocks to your advantage. Set aside a time each day or even week where, if you have to stay late at the office, you can video chat with your kids and family. The ability to stay connected through social media and computer technology is endless, so use it to your advantage as much as you can!

If you’re not quite the technology freak, here are some ways you can stay connected to family:

  • FaceTime or Skype calls
  • Facebook pictures that include your family
  • Recordable storybooks with your voice
  • Simple phone calls or texts during short breaks

For a more in depth look on how to run a business around your family, take a look at THESE great tips.


As a working mom, you know that time is extremely valuable because, well, there are days when you just don’t have enough of it. So take advantage of these time saving hacks that will allow you to use those extra minutes to spend with your family, even if it’s just a simple morning conversation:

  • AVOID INTENSE CLEANING: Simple daily cleaning such as wiping down the shower and stove after every use will save you from having to spend hours or even days cleaning your house.
  • SCHEDULE PHONE CALLS DURING COMMUTES: Use the time that you spend in your car for work conversations and phone call appointments so avoid using your home time for work.
  • COOK DINNERS THAT CAN BE FROZEN FOR THE WEEK: Life would be a lot easier if humans didn’t require food but, since that’s not quite the case, pick a day of the week to cook a variety of dinners that can be easily defrosted and served. This is also something that you can do with your kids!
  • RUN ERRANDS WISELY: Quick stops such as running to the post office can be done during lunch breaks or before picking up your kids at school. No need to waste those extra minutes leaving the house on Saturday morning for errands that can be done along the way of your day.
  • PREPARE THE NIGHT BEFORE: Have your outfit picked out and your lunches already packed and prepared for the next morning. And if you want, you can even switch to night time showers to save you a good chunk of time in the morning.
  • ONLINE ORDERING: Avoid traffic and save those 20 minutes by taking advantage of delivery apps. Whether you’re shopping for food or clothes, think about shopping with your kids on the comfort of your couch.


Schedule your “me time.” You have to. Any working mother knows that the key to a happy work life balance is, well, sanity. Self-care brings your stress level down and your motivation up. Don’t forget to schedule a day on your family calendar for a night out with your husband or friends, or even a block of 2 hours to read and soak in a bubble bath. Working mothers essentially have 2 full time jobs, whereas most people only have one. Because of that. it is important to keep yourself grounded and stable. So let go of that guilt, and dominate that working mommy life!

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