5 Truths About Eyelash Serums

Anatomically, our eyelashes exist to protect our eyes from factors such as dust and other particles.

Over the years, the eyelashes have evolved into more than just protection for our eyes. Women, in particular, have included the eyelashes in makeup routines. Furthermore, having thick and long eyelashes has become a goal of many women.

For women to achieve this, there have been cosmetic innovations such as the eyelash mascara which adds length and volume. Women can get even better results with the aid of an eyelash curler. There are also false eyelashes which are glued to the upper lashline. Another growing trend these days to improve the curve of the lashes is through perming them, freeing women from having to curl their lashes daily. Getting eyelash extensions has also been a choice for some women.

However, these solutions are only temporary and semi-permanent at most. Mascara can be washed off, false eyelashes are easily removable and perming and extensions last for three months at most.

As a result, women are looking for solutions that are permanent and do not involve faux lashes. The cosmetic world has provided this solution through serums.

Many brands are selling serums, promising longer and fuller lashes for women. However, here are five truths women should know before purchasing and putting them on those tiny hairs:

#1 Eyelashes Have A Growth Pattern

Eyelashes are much like our normal hair and have growth patterns. There’s the anagen phase, the catagen phase, and the telogen phase. It is in the catagen phase where the eyelash consistently grows, and it occurs for about four to six weeks. This is the most appropriate time to use a serum so that it extends the growth phase.

#2 It Should Be Rich In Collagen

When you’re choosing a serum for your lash growth and the best eye serum for wrinkles, make sure it has collagen content. This is our body’s most abundant protein, and it can plump up your hair, much like how it does for the skin.

#3 Effective Lash Serums Moisturize

Unbeknownst to many women, mascara takes away moisture from lashes. Without proper moisture, our lashes become prone to weakening and breakage. When your lashes are weak, they easily fall off or get cut when you’re applying mascara or curling them. The right serum will repair your lashes and give it the moisture it needs to stay healthy and strong.

#4 Amino Acids Are Labeled As Peptides

We relate to how annoying it is when you use an eyelash curler and suddenly see the lashes coming with it. Serums are rich in amino acids which will nourish and repair damaged eyelashes. This is because our eyelashes consist of protein. Hence they need amino acids. Some serum brands label amino acids as peptides in their ingredients. This is no reason, however, to panic as a peptide is a chain of amino acids.

#5 Application Should Be Once A Day

Some women tend to feel impatient when they don’t get instant results and put on more than what is needed for many times in a day. However, it should only be applied once in a day, in the morning or before bed, so that it doesn’t infect the eye. It’s also important to remember that it will take at least ten to twelve weeks to see a noticeable difference.

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