A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Website for the Stay at Home Mom

As a stay at home mom, have you thought of how to make money from home? This way, you get the best of both worlds: You earn a living, but still spend time with your kids. Like most moms, you have thought about it, but one hurdle stands in your way.

Most jobs require you to leave house, which, for you, is out of the question. Fortunately, one doesn’t – creating a website. It requires you only to have a laptop, an internet connection, and some spare time. So where do you start?

Step #1: Be Clear This is What You Want

Can you dedicate at least 30 minutes, each day to work on a website? And can you remain motivated in the face of failure? Also, do have enough ideas to keep you writing? Then online work is for you.

Step #2: Pick a Niche

One word best describes how to choose a niche – passion. Think of a topic you love, yet know well. Now think of your potential audience. Do they share your passion for it? If so, then they would love reading about it.

Step #3: Set Realistic Goals

After starting a website today, don’t expect to be on the first page of search engines tomorrow. That takes time and effort. Focus instead on creating useful content that’s optimized for search engines. The traffic and ranking will follow.

Step #4: Learn from the Competition

Since you’ll be competing with them, look at what the top websites are doing well, and learn from it. Could they be using well-thought-out keywords? Or maybe it’s their authoritative links or page loading speed? Whatever it is, use it.

Step #5: Pick a Hosting Service

For a website to run, it needs a hosting service of which many exist. As a result, choosing one can be difficult, especially for novices. So you might want to read this awesome hosting comparison for ideas.

Step #6: Use a Free Website Platform

With the hosting service out of the way, now pick a free website platform. The largest two are WordPress.com, which powers about one in three websites, and, of course, Google’s Blogger.com. While the first gives you more control over your site, the second makes advertising easy.

Step #7: Create Content

With your website up and running, do the next logical thing: Create quality content. But don’t write posts just because you can. Instead, first analyse the market using Google Analytics to know what your audience wants. Next, create visual content that includes images, videos, and subtitles. And don’t forget to optimize it for search engines.

Step #8: Monetize Your Site

Finally, we come to the best part – generating income from the site. You can do this in several ways. One, sign up with Google Adsense and earn when visitors click on ads. Two, become an affiliate marketer and refer visitors to your favorite brands. Three, include Amazon links in your content and earn a commission when the giant retailer makes a sale, courtesy of your website.


Thanks to the internet, and in particular the blogosphere, making money from home has never been easier, especially for stay-at-home moms. However, earning a living online takes effort and know-how. But, more importantly, it requires passion.



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