Encourage Your Little Ones to Adopt Good Habits

This topic itself suggests that in this article you are going to read a few good tips to encourage your little ones to adopt good habits. If you are a mom of 15 months old and above then you must be worried about the new activities of your little ones.

My baby has just turned 18 months and he is learning new activities on a daily basis. The learning is natural, and at this stage they copy every other child they meet.  This is really alarming situation for moms as kids pick up good and bad habits of other babies. But never lose patience due to stress of being a supermom, you need to take responsibility and note down the activities of your kid.

Identify the Habits

Once you know what wrong habit he is adopting, then you can easily make him forget it. Like if he is throwing his toys on others, you can tell him politely that this is not a game. You can throw the same toy on his favourite stuffed toy, and make him realise that the stuffed toy is hurt, look it is crying. This was just an example of one bad habit; just like this one you can handle other bad habits smartly.

I have seen parents that don’t react politely to the annoying habits of toddlers, but this is really not good for kids. At this stage, kids are really very sensitive and your harsh attitude towards them may create a distance between you and them. It will have long lasting footprints on their behaviour and personality.

Manage Time for Kids

At this stage, toddlers need more attention and time from parents, and it is really difficult to give them proper time if you are a working mom. Either you are a mompreneur or doing a job from 9 to 5, you need to consider these things. But remember that you need to give them time, as once they have adopted habits in this age will last forever.  Try to arrange outdoor activities for kids on weekends. Play with your kids and engage them with you in outdoor games. This activity will boost up their confidence and they get more close to you.

If you want to get maximum time for your little ones in weekdays, then I would suggest you to half cook your food for whole week and freeze it on weekends. So when you get back home from work in weekdays, you spend less time in preparing dinner. This will help you to spend more time with little ones. In that time, you should notice down their activities and habits they are adopting from day care.

If you notice something bad, just try to get sometime in weekdays and talk to the child care authority person about this. They can notice it that how kid is adopting any particular habit. They can help you better to make your little one leave that annoying habit quickly.  

Influence from Cartoon Characters

During the age of 15 months to 3 years, kids get highly energetic, they watch cartoons, nursery rhymes etc. They adopt a lot of habits from their as well, so it is really important to have a check that what kind of cartoons they are watching. Avoid such cartoons that are doing wired actions like jumping on the bed, sofas, dancing weirdly etc.  Your kid will learn it from there and will exercise it at home. This is serious issue, as kids may hurt themselves by repeating the actions.

Never encourage a baby to sit on your lap in the car and handle staring of the car. This is really a bad habit and it will cause issue for you in the long run.  Toddlers are curious and they want to check everything, so they also lock and unlock the car doors. I have seen parents who encourage their little ones to open the car doors and sit in. This is not good; you should always open the car doors for your little ones till 3 to 4 years.

I mentioned it as a bad habit as it is dangerous while your baby is sitting in the convertible car seat or a booster car seat , they can easily unlock the door lock (while baby lock is not working) and open the handle.


In essence, little ones are precious ones and being parents it is our duty to give them proper time in order to make them better person in the future. Habits adopted in childhood have a lifelong impact on personality. So it is always to have a close eye on activities of your toddlers and correct them in time.



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