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Just a few years ago I sat at my tired, old desk working the standard 10+ hour workday at my parents’ trucking business.  I longed for the weekends when I would steal away with a friend for the adventures of the Florida sun, the drudgery of the work week behind me.  I craved the freedom of a life unchained, but had no idea how in the world I could achieve it.

After a few years of living this vicarious dual-life, I had finally had enough.  I decided I would have to figure out how to make money on my terms, even though I had no idea what I was doing.  Somehow, some way, I would figure it out.

And, that is exactly what I did.

I invested every penny I had ever saved into a piece of junk house in need of serious repairs that used up every cent I had.  Even that was not enough, though, because I used up all of my brother’s savings, too. It was a hard knock, but I learned.

Then, a new world opened up to me when a fellow real estate investor challenged me to attend his seminar on creative financing.  The seminar was at a cost I could not afford, but I figured out some way to pay and got there.  Suddenly, my mind was on fire. I was in awe of the incredible array of opportunities before me and I knew that I could truly do this thing.

And, I made $140,000 in the next 9 months.

But, here’s the thing.  I really did not know what I was doing for a while.  It took time and lots of failure along with the decision to persevere and not give up.  Somewhere in the beginning I had to make the decision to just start.  That single decision – to get moving and not stop – is what has paved the way for the vibrant, fulfilling, and thrilling investor life I now get to lead.  On top of it all, I now get to teach other women how to succeed in this world of real estate investing.

Have you put your dreams on hold?  What are you waiting for?

It can be scary to start something new; believe me, I know.  Over and over again I have had these great ladies I help to get started come to me with some new request.  And, suddenly, I am back to square one again, in a place where I do not know what to do. But, the most awesome thing about this struggle is the realization that you can figure it out as you go!  You just have to actually go.

I find it is truly very common for women to desire all the glories of entrepreneurship and the freedom that comes along with it.  But, the sacrifices and growth necessary to achieve it are a whole other story. We get caught up in our heads about how difficult it might be, or all of the issues that will come up when we start.  And, before we even take a step towards an idea, the dream has been killed off.

What is the first thing you can do to just start?

What is your dream?  If you’re here on the Mogul Mom, you have a vision and a dream you want to achieve.  Do you know what it is? What action can you take next to be one step closer to its fulfillment?  Don’t get ahead of yourself. Think just one step up the road to get to that next step. We all know the old adage:

“How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”

The same is true when growing a business, and seeing a dream fulfilled.  What is that next one thing you can do? Write it down, and get to it.

Just start!  And then, keep going.  Your dreams are waiting for you.

Whitney Nicely

Whitney Nicely rejected the southern girl path of working at her family’s trucking business and embraced the life of an investor.Her first nine months made her over $140,000, and set her on the path to empowering other women to break into the real estate “good ole boys club” and break down barriers while making some serious cash.Her courses and more can be found at WhitneyNicely.com.

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