Explode Your Mom Blog With Secrets From These 5 Blogs

Are you a blogger in the Mom blog niche wondering what the top mom bloggers are writing about and how they get so much traffic?

Maybe you have been a mom blogger for a number of years and you are yet to experience that level of success.

It is possible that you have taken several courses on how to grow your blog but it just seems that your content does not want to go viral.

Many bloggers struggle to really get sufficient traffic to qualify for entry into Mediavine, Monumetric or Ezoic.

There are some lucky bloggers who get to their blog traffic goal in 3 months or less leaving others in their niche wondering what is the magic combination.

I spent an entire week researching the top 20 blogs across 10 niches and I am going to help you as a mom blogger to take a peek at the successful blogs in your niche.

In this post, I will cover the top 5 mom blogs that has content generating over 4,000 visitors a day and what are their top 5 posts.


What is a Mom Blog?


Just in case you are brand new to blogging and you have never heard the term mom blog before, let me explain. 

To put it quite simply a mom blog is a blog that is focused on the parenting niche and the blogger covers several topics about Motherhood.

Of course, not all bloggers are mom bloggers as there are over 10 other popular niches available for anyone to choose.

I guess what makes a mom blog special is the fact that the blogger can share their experience of motherhood with their audience.

One really important thing about a mom blog is that it is also there to help new parents to get through the struggles of being parents for the first time.


Why is Blog Traffic Important


Well, if you have been blogging for a while you will know that the best reward for your blogging efforts is traffic or visitors. 

Traffic is important because of these three reasons:

  1. It confirms to the blog owner that the topic is relevant and the audience is interested
  2. Blog traffic is a great indicator of blog growth, in other words it shows blog popularity
  3. Traffic can be monetised to give the owner some sort of return on their investment and to prolong the life of the blog

After blogging for 6-12 months it will take some sort of reward to give the blog owner sufficient motivation to continue blogging.


How I Arrived At The Top 5 Mom Blogs


At the start of my research into the top 5 mom blogs I thought that this was going to be an easy task. 

The reason why I thought it was a piece of cake is because I recalled seeing several articles highlighting the top blogs by niche.

After doing some in-depth research I came to a very startling discovery.  I realised that the top 5, 10 or 20 blogs weren’t really the top by my standards.

I spent a lot of time questioning my standards as well as the qualification criteria of the authors of these articles.

Why did these authors label these blogs as the top mom blogs?  What about them can I see as being the top blogs?

It was a very difficult decision but I came up with criteria that I consider to be generally acceptable.

I am sure that you will agree with me that in order to be the best in a blog niche the public would expect something tangible.

In the end, I decided to base my decision on income and/or traffic.  Because many income reports are not available my bottom-line was blog traffic.


Top 5 Mom Blogs


These 5 mom blogs have been shortlisted as the top 5 because after conducting extensive research across 21 mom blogs they came out on top for blog traffic 

  1. Feels Like Home – generates over 5,000 visitors a day
  2. Really Are You Serious – has over 7,000 visitors a day
  3. Mommy Poppins – the content generates over 61,000 visitors a day
  4. Cool Mom Picks – has over 4,800 visitors a day
  5. Scary Mommy – the blog has over 33,000 visitors a day

Just for clarification this research was conducted during what can only be described as high season.

However, as you will see shortly the actual content generating this level of visitors are not necessarily seasonal in nature.

Next, I am going to break down for you the top 5 posts for each of the blogs listed that is actually bringing in that level of traffic.


Mom Blog Topics


I will first give the name of the blog followed by the top 5 posts that generates traffic every single day. 

Feels Like Home – here are the top 5 blog posts

  1. Overcoming anger and resentment
  2. String art tutorial
  3. Watermelon jam
  4. Overcoming disappointment
  5. Bible promises

Really Are You Serious – the tops 5 blog posts are

  1. Trivia questions for kids
  2. Making bath bombs
  3. Chattanooga, Tennessee
  4. DIY oil bug spray
  5. Baby massage

Mommy Poppins – here are those popular blog posts

  1. Science experiments for kids
  2. Coding for kids
  3. NYC public school calendar
  4. Water theme parks near NYC
  5. Indoor activities for kids

Cool Mom Picks

  1. Cars for big families
  2. Age appropriate swimsuits
  3. Birthday gifts for a 3 year old
  4. Clarisonic Mia review
  5. Holiday gifts for adults

Scary Mommy

  1. Orbeez
  2. Jason Momoa
  3. Jodie Sweetin
  4. Kelly Clarkson
  5. Going Braless

As you can see none of these top mom blogs cover the same topics and surprisingly they may not be what you would have expected to see as the top performing posts.

There is something about these topics that reminds me of the interview Melissa did at Mogul Mom with Marie Folio of B School.

Marie highlights the fact that the successful bloggers make bold moves to achieve their goals they never wait until they feel ready.


What Can You Learn From These Blogs


It is important to be yourself and write about topics that are close to your heart.  The topics that you expect to go viral really don’t. 

Your audience are the ones who vote with their clicks and page views what they prefer to be reading.

Be original and unique in your approach to blog topics as it will pay-off in the end.

I am sure that the post about the public school calendar was written as a frustration to solve a problem.

Ask yourself what problem can you solve when coming up with the next shortlist of blog topics for your blog.

James Doherty in the Mogul Mom gives 13 more tips that you need to consider before starting your mom blog.




I truly hope that you not only found these topics surprising in some cases but useful to show you that it is possible to get traffic from very obscure topics. 

My sweet spot is blog traffic and research so it is always great to dig deep just to see what unexpected evidence I will find at the end.

Most of the time the results are quite surprising and sometimes hilarious.  I find this exciting and rewarding at the same time.

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