Four Reasons Why Mompreneurs Love Being Home-Based Travel Advisors

Your kids and your job are two of the most important things in your life, and as a mom, it’s invaluable to have a career that lets you easily balance work and kids. It allows you to skip the unnecessary stress that comes from the difficult decisions of prioritizing one over the other – so when you start a home-based travel franchise, you are creating the best possible future for both your children and your career. Here are four reasons why mompreneurs love being travel advisors and working from home.

1. You Get to Show Your Kids the World

As a travel advisor, you can make the world your kids’ classroom. You’ll have exclusive access to perks and discounts that you can take advantage of with your family anytime, anywhere. So, whether you’re taking flight with your kids to the other side of the globe or sailing on a cruise, the only homework they’ll be doing is learning the traditions and customs of the local people and the only desk they’ll be looking for is the hotel front desk. Why read about ancient Greece from a textbook when you can visit the Acropolis firsthand?

Traveling also has extensive impacts on children that translate all the way back to the physical classroom. It helps your kids step out of their comfort zone by being exposed to diverse cultures, eclectic cuisines and new experiences and in turn, teaches them respect, understanding and a willingness to learn or try new things.
Travel is the embodiment of experiential learning, so giving your kids the opportunity to gain knowledge while exploring new places is one of the many reasons why mompreneurs love being home-based travel advisors.

2. You Get to Check Off Your Own Bucket List

There is nothing that makes working moms happier than spending time with their kids, but it’s also important to take some well-deserved “me-time” from time to time. Although finding moments to yourself can be few and far between, visiting new destinations and resorts and sailing on different cruise lines is a crucial part of being a travel advisor and gives you the chance to choose destinations you feel most passionate about. And to sweeten the deal, travel advisors get to go on familiarization trips, or FAM trips, where they get deals to go on trips to familiarize themselves with a product or experience so they can better sell it in the future. Sounds like a rough life!

It might seem like your family won’t be able to survive without you even for a couple minutes at a time, but the truth is they’ll be just fine. So, go shop for some swimsuits, pack your bags and take that next flight out. And check out this article if you need more tips for how be a productive mompreneur at work while traveling.

3. You Never Miss a Milestone

Working outside the home has some advantages, but it also means missing out on some of the most precious milestones in your child’s life. You might not catch your child’s first steps, her first words or his first bike ride. Not to mention those hard-earned achievements in your child’s life as they get older, like kicking the winning goal at soccer tournaments, competing in the science fair or going prom dress shopping.

As a work-from-anywhere travel advisor, you’ll have the technology you need to run your business from any device with internet connection, meaning you can take your business wherever you are on your hours. Check on a client’s reservation from the school pickup line, follow up with clients from your couch after your kids have gone to bed or send invoices from the poolside while on vacation. This way, you can be there for all the little and big moments in your child’s life, no matter their age.

4. You Set a Great Example for Your Kids

Like any job, being a home-based travel advisor takes responsibility and dedication. With grit, hard work and determination, you can show your kids that they can be anything they want to be, if they set their mind to it. Now, more than ever before, mompreneurs can feel at ease with having a thriving career and having kids. Not only are they providing financially for the family, but they are also ensuring their child has a strong professional role model to look up to, both now and in their future.

Kids are like sponges – they watch, absorb and learn from what we do as parents. So, lead by example and your kids will start to pick up your good habits that will guide them to success in the workforce when they grow up. Any time is the right time to start your travel business, so whether you’re just starting to think about kids, you’re a new mom, your kids are already in school or you’re thinking about a second career, this is a job that fits your schedule and your goals.

Need more reasons why mompreneurs love being home-based travel advisors? Connect with a Franchise Development Manager at Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative, by calling 888-582-2150, and see what one of our very own mompreneurs has to say about being able to work from anywhere.

Michelle Fee

Founder/CEO at Cruise Planners
Michelle Fee is the founder and CEO of Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative. A trail-blazing marketing genius, Michelle founded Cruise Planners before working from home was a real concept. Now, with more than 35 years in the travel industry, Michelle invites moms in any stages of their lives to join the Cruise Planners family and experience the work-life balance for themselves.



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