The Power of WordPress –For Entrepreneurial First Time Mothers

So it’s your first baby, or its your first business, either way they are both in their infancy and they both need your undivided attention, luckily your baby sleeps and so do users, meaning you can be the power mommy you were meant to be, drive your own business like you want to and still get beauty sleep to keep your partner in line, yes, you can do all of the above thanks to some incredibly amazing online tools.

Being pregnant usually gives women a time to get away from their everyday lives, put their feet up and either suffer through the pregnancy or reflect on what they want to do. It has been proven through scientific studies, women who fall pregnant and are close to their due date, they often begin to reflect on their jobs and more often than not, the mommies to be realise they want something else. If this is how you discovered you wanted to be your own boss or you wanted to chase your own dreams or perhaps you are simply finally taking that leap of faith, you need to familiarize yourself with the power of WordPress and all it can do for you.

WordPress – Free Version

If you want to start your own website, but you are wanting an interactive one, click here to see what you should be looking at. Sites like these have been hand reared to become the best and while you don’t need to have the best as a start-up, you want to do it right from the beginning. WordPress delivers this. WordPress offers a free platform where you can grow a business from scratch and build it yourself adding a personal touch to it and making it your own.

WordPress – Upgraded Package

If you want a free version you have access to it, as your business grows you can upgrade to a business version and download plugins like Google Analytics to help you discover which markets you are targeting and how many people are visiting your page. There are a number of plug ins you can install, all relevant to your needs. This version is a paid for version and requires a monthly subscription fee. As you grow you may want to consider this avenue.


Choose a theme best suited to your own preferences. There are a number of themes to choose from and you can add a personal touch by personalizing your site with images, logos and contact information.

Self-Descriptive Accessibility

You don’t need to be a professional, or have any experience for that matter, as a website administrator, developer or designer. WordPress is self-taught and offers you steps from which you can learn what is required of you in order to get your site live and successful.

Overall WordPress is the ideal tool for a start-up business. As an entrepreneur and a new mother, you will need all the help you can get and WordPress can give this to you!



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