When was the last time you checked your home security? 5 tips to make you feel safer at home

We’ve all heard scary stories about homes in the local area or a friend of a friend whose house was broken into. For most of us, the very idea of someone breaking into our home, rifling through our possessions and taking what they please is the stuff of nightmares, especially if you have young children in the house.

You might have confidence in your burglar alarm, or the fact that you lock your doors and windows and night. All of which are ideal security measures to take and will offer you comfort and security, but what else can you do? Here I’ve rounded up 5 home security tips that will increase the security and protection in and around your home. Hopefully making you and your family feel even safer.

Try a little signage

You might not have CCTV cameras around your property (although it is a good idea, albeit an expensive one) and you might not have a giant, scary guard dog that will bark and ward off any potential intruders, but that doesn’t mean you can’t say that you do! Check out a reputable signage company – like mysafetysign.com and see what signage they have that would work as a potential deterrent around your property. It’s a simple yet effective measure!

Add lighting

Thieves like places to hide, whether they’re watching a property or hiding from the authorities. So, don’t make it easy for them! Get some lighting installed around your property, so it’s well lit. Not only will it reduce the amount of hiding places available, but it will also make you feel safer if you’re returning home after dark. Try some stylish wall lights on either side of your front door, solar lights up the garden path, or even motion detection lights.

Check your doors and windows

We all lock our doors and windows before we go out. But, are they really burglar proof? Is a swift kick or shoulder barge all it takes to get that door open? Domestic security has evolved in recent years, making front and back doors much more sturdy and hard wearing. Speak to your local locksmith about replacing your doors or even installing a deadbolt and updating your locks. The same applies to your windows!

Hiding in plain sight

Tablets, expensive headphones, laptops, games consoles, smart devices – our homes are filled with personal and expensive items. So, if you’re heading out make sure that they’re not on show, or visible from a window. A glimpse of an expensive item sitting on the dining table could be all it takes for an opportunist thief to take a chance on what else could be in your property. So, make sure things are out of sight. Preferably upstairs or in drawers and cupboards.

Keep your property tidy

A leaking gutter, broken roof tiles and an overgrown garden – all tell tale signs that a house isn’t cared for and might be an easy target. Keeping on top of your property maintenance gives a clear indication that the house is occupied and watched!



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