Five Tips for Work/Life Balance from Cruises Inc. Agent and Superhero Mom Katie Rosser

In today’s day and age, many women continue working full-time after starting their families. Moms are modern-day superheroes whose super powers include being versatile, adapting to change and multitasking. As a new mom and a high school teacher with a side hustle as a work-at-home travel agent with Cruises Inc., these past six months have been the hardest, yet most rewarding in my life. Here are my top tips on how to run a successful home-based business while experiencing a healthy work/life balance.

  • Create a schedule.
    We are all given the same 24 hours each day, so how we use them says a lot about our priorities in life. In the past few months, my time has been devoted mainly to my newborn and family…we have a special bedtime routine so my husband and I can both spend time with our daughter. Then my husband and I catch up on each other’s days, usually while making and eating dinner. The transition back into selling cruises from home will be a progression, but I use my spare time to stay educated on travel industry news by reading travel trade magazines and reviews on destinations/resorts. Education is important in any industry that is constantly evolving, and Cruises Inc. has a robust training and education program that makes it easy to be flexible and set my own learning schedule.


  • Set expectations with existing clients.
    A smart businesswoman forges relationships with her clients. All of my clients know I have a newborn at home and are flexible and understand that if I miss their call, it’s probably baby-related. Based on our work history, they know I believe communication is so important and that I always return their calls in a timely manner.


  • One size does not fit all.
    Understand that not everybody is going to want to do business with you, and that is okay. As a mom and business owner, time is valuable. Concentrate and give 100 percent to those who want to do business with you and appreciate your efforts.


  • Take baby steps to grow your business.
    Start small with your business and become an expert selling a few products, and then expand your knowledge as you become more confident. For me, selling travel was overwhelming at first, but I set monthly training goals and started talking to people about how they book travel. No matter what you are selling, it’s amazing how a few qualifying questions can lead to potential clients.


  • Establish personal goals.
    I have always been a go-getter in my teaching career. I don’t settle for less than my best when it comes to designing lesson plans and teaching; hence, the same work ethic carries over into my travel business when it comes to customer service and planning the most memorable experiences for my clients. Aim high and you will be sure to find success both professionally and personally.

Everybody has their own definition of what success means to them. In my experience, following these five guidelines along with having the support of my husband and the Cruises Inc. headquarters team, has made it possible for me to achieve a positive work/life balance.

Katie Rosser

Katie Rosser is a not only a new mom to Mary Katherine, she is also a high school teacher and an independent vacation specialist with Cruises Inc. in Woodstock, Ga.



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