What Are The #MissingTypes?

When you look around and want to make a difference, it’s really easy to make a major impact just by doing something very small and selfless and if you’re reading this, I already know you’re the type of person that would go the extra mile to help.  I recently learned about the Missing Types Campaignwhich is an international movement from The American Red Cross to inspire new blood donors to roll up their sleeves and help save lives. The Red Cross needs help, and if you are able to give, please consider it and join the #MissingTypes movement. Here are a few stats that surprised me:


  • Only 3 out of 100 Americans donate blood, yet every two seconds, someone needs it. There simply aren’t enough people donating blood to help patients in need. Change the statistics and change lives.
  • You might not realize how important certain letters are until they’re gone. A, B and O are our main blood groups, and when not enough people donate blood, hospital shelves may be empty when a critical patient arrives.
  • Kids battling cancer, accident victims being raced into emergency rooms, new moms with complicated childbirths. They all may need lifesaving blood right now. What if their blood type wasn’t available?
  • The Red Cross is missing some letters and blood types, and only gracious donors can bring them back. Without more donors, patients will not have the type A, B or O blood they need.



What’s also great is that Boise Paper is partnering in the initiative to drive a stronger impact. As part of its Paper with Purpose® promise, Boise Paper is committed to making a difference in the communities its customers and employees call home. In 2019, the company is demonstrating that commitment through its ongoing support of The American Red Cross. Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood and The Red Cross helps meet this constant demand by providing about 40% of the nation’s blood supply through the partnerships they’ve developed like the one it has with Boise Paper – you all know I use this product and I personally love it, and the ethos behind it.

So, in essence, with more A, B and O blood, The Red Cross can save more lives and if you want to help, please consider making a pledge https://rcblood.org/2QgrVLPor make an appointment today with The Red Cross RedCrossBlood.org/MissingTypes.

And, Boise Paper will be hosting a Twitter Chat and Sweepstakes in June! Hop on HERE for the chance to win up to $500 and join Boise Paper for its #ShareTheMissingTypes Twitter Chat on Tuesday, June 25 at 2pm CT.


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