Jobs & Activities For Building A Future Teacher’s Resume

Anyone looking for a job in the education industry today needs to have a very built up resume to be considered for hire. There are certain jobs and activities that one can participate in to help build that resume and gain experience in the field you want to be a professional in. First, be sure to put important skills on your resume. Focus on skills like “school and class management” and “good and effective  communication.” However, go further than this. Some common and useful skills for teachers are:

  • Communication skills
  • Writing and editing skills
  • Patience is key 
  • Nurturing attitude

According to education experts working with finance assignment help and programming homework help , Perfection in your placement as a student teacher is of main thing. While your good efforts must be saved for the classroom, if you can get quality time to get involved in other activities, without leaving the quality of your lessons program, do so at every opportunity.

One important thing if you aren’t a computer savvy, you still need to know the growing importance of technology in schools. There is a range of useful and necessary  programs and platforms that make teaching, learning, and the educational process more efficient. After you’ve written your resume, there is one very important step: you need to review it carefully. Do you really need all  you’ve covered? Is everything match to the job description? And most important, have you proofread it.

Here’s some jobs and activities you may want to consider participating in before going into that interview. 

Day Camp/YMCA Counselor

Being a day camp counselor is a great resume builder. You especially want to try to find one where you need to do some sort of planning of activities for the kids. You will be working with kids each and every day, helping them to make better decisions and just having fun with them! Going into the education world, you better like kids because you’ll be with them everyday! This is a great opportunity to get used to that idea because you will be with them everyday.


Becoming a lifeguard at a local or community pool is a good way to build your resume not only for working with students, but for any type of medical career. Because we are focusing on education, that’s what we’ll talk about. When becoming a lifeguard, you will be around kids every day of the summer. If you give swimming lessons, you will be working with those kids, a few at a time, each and every day. You will also be in charge of coming up with plans for those lessons. In addition to making plans and being with the kids, you will be forced to make split second decisions based around those kids, which is a crucial element when in the classroom.


Companies like term paper writing service and make my assignment suggests, Coaching is not only a benefit to your resume, but also a benefit to the kids you are coaching. Being their coach, you are able to lay good morals and values upon them through your coaching. You are also able to teach the kids skills such as teamwork and hard work ethic through sports. These are valuable skills for kids to have and be familiar with in addition to their academic skills.


This one is a no-brainer. Even if you are babysitting your relatives, you are still responsible for a child’s well being. If you can, try to babysit for someone in the community not related to you. This gives you a non-family point of view of the type of job you do as a babysitter. Plus, it could be a potential reference for the future.

Volunteer Work With Kids

Any type of volunteer work is important to put on your resume. It shows that you are willing to help others without being reimbursed for your service. If you can find any type of volunteer work that has to do with children, do it! Future employers love to see that you’re willing to help kids without any benefit for yourself. Take ahold of those opportunities, as small as they may seem!


Being a substitute for a school or multiple schools is a great way to get your foot in the door and give you the experience that you will need to manage your own classroom. It also helps you to get to know the other teachers that you could possibly be working with. It teaches you how to be a part of a team. If there’s any other ways that you can help around the school while you’re subbing, do it. It makes you look like someone with a lot of initiative, who wants to help out as much as they can!

Educational/Kid Based Internships

College education based service provider online assignment writing and write my term paper for me says ,When I was a sophomore in college, I had the opportunity to do an internship for one of my college courses. My job was basically a teacher’s assistant, although it ended up that I taught the kids too. The experience I gained here (it was an inner city summer school) was irreplaceable. It was a great thing to put on my resume and I was always asked about what I did there and how I liked it.


Realistically, and kid-based activity or job will be a great addition to a resume. The ones I listed above are the most common and probably the ones that will get you the most experience. Make sure you always list everything you do with kids on your resume to help in getting a job. Good luck!



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