3 Exotic Business Ideas That Can Make You Rich

If you’re considering opening up a new business, there is a whole different market that a lot of people take for granted, even though it’s been proven lucrative. Unorthodox business ideas are not your usual companies out there, but who cares if it’s making a lot of money. Take a look below at 3 ideas to make money that is as exotic as it gets.

Understanding The Market

The thing about the business world, it can be very dynamic and it changes every day. New things come in and create a need for people that they didn’t know they wanted, which makes it interesting and exciting and extremely profitable. 

1-The “Friend” Between Your Legs

There are a lot of people that feel their special adult toy can be that “go-to” pal of sorts in times of need. You can literally make millions selling vibrators to the masses; there are more vibrators for women than any other sex toy and choices are abundant. There is one suited for each type of gal out there, it all depends on your mood, size and color preference, or battery power. Millions of women would even recommend having one even if you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t replace your man but it can spice up your sex life. So dabbling in mutual masturbation could make you more intimate together.

2-Chickens For Rent

You would never believe that a lot of people out there want chickens as pets, one that would give you breakfast every day from its eggs! Urban chickens are becoming popular, but sometimes people can’t handle the upkeep for these majestic creatures. You can be a company that offers that service, offering chickens for rent for many different customers. You would also supply complete packages that include egg-laying hens, coop, feeding rations, other necessary supplies, and 24/7 customer support. You could also create programs and offers where people and their families can choose an egg and take care of it, then raise the chicks for educational purposes. Once the chicken is older and the person has imprinted on them since birth, they could think of adopting it fully if their home is fully equipped with everything they need. It’s a very profitable business.

3-The Wonders of Virtual Reality

It’s amazing to think that there are tools and software available that can make you get immersed in many different worlds, A headgear that blocks everything in the outside world and a haptic suit with many different points that trigger feelings to your nerves. So you can basically feel when someone touches or shoots you! It won’t really hurt like a real bullet, it’s safe and not dangerous. This upcoming technology is spreading in the gaming, medical, military, construction, and engineering fields. It shows a lot of promise and a lot of people and companies would be wanting this technology and its gear.   

Business ideas are limitless in today’s market; they provide people with certain products and services that serve a good purpose. With the right idea, you can truly see the money roll in, and you can watch all your profits come piling in every quarter.




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