5 Surprising Tricks to Help Your Children Get Up Early in the Morning

Unless your children are magically early risers, waking children up in the morning usually means constant fights every single day. However, just because it seems hopeless at the moment, doesn’t mean you have to continue fighting them to get them up and about. To effectively do this with minimal tears and strain on both parties, below are 5 surprising tricks to help your children get up early in the morning.

  1. Give Them More Time 

If your child seems to be dragging themselves every single day and you have to endure an uphill task of waking them up, take a moment and study them. As every child is unique. Consider your kid’s disposition and not just the words or attitudes they may give you for waking them early. 

Come to the understanding that not all children will be early risers or readily accept the change. If they are night owls, this means they need more time to adjust to getting up early. If you realize this is the case, integrate it into the morning routine and hence give them more time to wake up. 

  1. Ensure They Get Enough Sleep 

Unlike adults, children need more sleep as they are still growing. Often, this translates to more than 10 plus hours every single time. Therefore, enforce a strict sleeping period and get them to bed earlier. 

If they are heading to bed early enough, and still have a hard time waking up in the morning, ask if they toss and turn before they get to sleep. If that is the case, maybe the mattress is the issue. You should consider investing in a new one from Trish at SleepDelivered loves the Puffy

  1. Suitable Environment 

Realize that sound sleep does not come by chance. For this reason, eliminate any energizing activities close to bedtime. This includes eating sugary food just before bed as it will give them a sugar rush. Additionally, consider if the room they sleep in is a non-restful environment. If it is too loud, cut down on externally generated noise that might be affecting their sleep. 

What’s more, cut down on screen time, and ensure that our child isn’t over exhausted. Overall, if the room is too bright, darken it with drapes and power off the lights that might be affecting your child’s ability to sleep. 

  1. Energize Mornings 

Put on relaxing music that becomes more upbeat as time passes. Ideally, playing their favorite music should help them wake up in record time. Additionally, try singing to them.  Even though you might not have the most magnificent voice in the world, it still acts as an external sound input helping them wake up. 

If neither of this works and they are still snoring away, try baking early on or establishing a tradition that they will be excited for. Your main aim of energizing mornings should be to introduce an external activity that gets their adrenaline pumping. 

  1. Stop Fighting 

Even though it might be difficult and frustrating to get your children to wake up early, resist the urge to aggravate the situation. Cut down on the yelling, shouting or anything else that adds fuel to the situation. Since people usually adapt to different situations, your constant shouting will soon become background noise, and they will learn to ignore you. 

Instead, choose to pet them as they won’t be able to ignore it. Additionally, introduce natural light into their room hence helping them wake up faster with minimal fighting episodes.  


As seen above, getting your kids to wake up early starts with taking an interest in your children’s sleep pattern and behavior. As the type of bed and mattress is important, consider investing in Trish at SleepDelivered loves the Puffy types of mattresses. Reinforce your love to them by letting them know that waking them up early isn’t a punishment. Overall, ensure that you establish a routine and stick to it to ensure they don’t get mixed signals.



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