September. It’s that moment in time when everything changes. Summer ends, fall begins and school schedules resume, making a working mom’s life even more overloaded. To combat this, I look for solutions to make life just a little bit easier and one of those solutions is the paper I use. With a kid entering junior high and multiple businesses that require a lot of printed material, it’s important to invest in paper that’s high-quality. We sometimes don’t think about the importance of paper, but between school and work projects, it has to look good. I discovered Boise Paper products a while ago and the text pops off the page, the ink never bleeds, the paper feels smooth and seriously, it NEVER jams. Because who has time for that? It’s called Quality You Can Trust™, Boise Paper’s commitment to its customers made through exceptional products, which meet the highest standards. Boise Paper is also committed to local communities through partnerships with organizations like the American Red Cross, Box Tops for Education and Project UP. #Dare2Compare is what I say when choosing recycled paper…try it and you’ll see.

I’ve been using Boise® ASPEN® Recycled Copy papers proudly, which is made with recycled content that is consistent with Boise Paper’s high quality standards and hardworking characteristics. Boise ASPEN is available in 30%, 50% or 100% post-consumer fiber content, which includes a 99.99% Jam-Free® Performance Guarantee, Premium Color Copy and Premium Laser, which are laser guaranteed. Other important things to know about this amazing paper is that it’s performance certified by the Buyers Laboratory Inc. and it’s Green Seal Certified®!

I run four businesses simultaneously, and between monthly reporting, client presentations, material to utilize at events and everything else student related when it comes to my 11 year old daughter, my printer runs at high capacity and everything I distribute has to be sleek and appealing. Quality is of the utmost importance when you are in marketing and you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression with anything you present and deliver. Paper that delivers brilliance is optimal.

It helps you “do good” for the environment without having to sacrifice quality, plus there’s a perfect paper for every project you’re working on. So next time you’re out buying office supplies, be sure to dare to compare Boise ASPEN to other recycled paper brands. I’m certain that Boise ASPEN will outperform them and get things done efficiently and effectively, every time.

Learn more about other Boise Paper products as well as some office life tips here:!



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