Working from home – what’s the right environment?

When you work from home, it’s important to have the right environment. Your home is your office, and this means you need to respect it. You’d never be happy working in a boiling hot office surrounded by mess and being forced to sit on a chair that hurts your back – so why do this at home? When you work from home, you’re responsible for your own office space, so you can make it work for you. So, what are the essentials for the environment when you’re working from home?

A suitable temperature

A home office should neither be too hot or cold. If not, the temperature will distract you and you won’t be productive. In hot months, you should make sure that you have effective air conditioning (an air conditioner not working may need to be cleaned) and in cold months you will probably need central heating. You can also ensure your office is the correct temperature by getting double glazing and blinds or curtains.

A kid-free space

If you’re a working parent, it’s important to set boundaries between your kids and your office space. If your kids can run in whenever they please, they’ll distract you and might make a mess. You’ll never be able to get focused if they treat the office like another play room. Whilst you shouldn’t prioritize your work over your children, telling them that your office is your private space and setting up boundaries will create a healthy atmosphere. You wouldn’t be allowed to let them run around in an office elsewhere, so try to avoid this at home.

Well organized and equipped

A good home office needs to be well equipped and organized. This means making sure that there is a place for everything and it’s not overly cluttered. You can ensure that your office is organized by creating a system and having enough storage. Filing cabinets, desk drawers and shelves will all help to find a place for everything you need. A shredder and a bin will also prove useful. Make sure you keep on top of your office organization and clean it regularly. If the space is cluttered and messy, you won’t enjoy working there.

A comfortable chair

Your desk chair is probably the most important element in your home office. You’ll spend the majority of your time sitting down, and therefore it needs to support your back and be at the right height. A proper desk chair shouldn’t allow you to slouch and will be adjustable. However, whilst your chair is essential, you need to ensure you take adequate breaks from sitting down during your working day. This will benefit your eyes and back.

Decorated to your taste

Whilst decoration may seem futile in a home office, it’s where you spend most of your time and therefore should be decorated to your taste. Invest in some nice wallpaper or curtains for the windows, frame a few family pictures and get a pot plant or two. A nice-looking office environment will inspire you when you’re low in motivation and will make being at work generally more enjoyable.



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