5 Innovative Ways to Remake Your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to running a business, you will come across inevitable failures and setbacks with your marketing. This is a normal part of the entrepreneur life. And to last long in this industry, you need to be able to reinvent your brand’s strategy.

The new decade is coming in just a few days. And if there’s some things that aren’t working anymore, it’s time to put them away and try something new.

In this article, we’ll help you with the brainstorming part by suggesting five innovative ways to remake your marketing strategy in the coming new year.

Try A Trend

Find out the latest trends in marketing right now and find one that you can use in your marketing. It could be Instagram or TikTok advertising. You may even want to consider having your first ever micro-influencer.

Not being updated on the latest marketing strategies could be the reason why your business is getting left behind. Whether you like it or not, digital is here to stay and it’s an ever-changing platform. What could be hot today could be old news tomorrow. Stay on trend and if something is working for your business, milk it for what it’s worth. Gather lessons you have learned along the way and apply your new knowledge on the next trend.

Change Your Vibe

Everything about your marketing could be perfect. But maybe people aren’t flocking to you because they don’t resonate with your brand’s message. As the youngins today would say, “it’s a vibe”. And if you emit a vibe that’s not relatable or authentic, they won’t be buying from you.

Look at your most successful competitors and see the ways that are making themselves seem more approachable to customers. It can be as simple as making your social media captions more conversational or sharing stories of behind the scenes from your brand.

People want to support a brand they connect with and if you make that change with your brand’s identity, you may just attract more people to your page. And you won’t just win customers, you’ll also win fans who will spread the word about you.

Automate Some Tasks

For the most controlling us, automation can seem like the worst. How are you supposed to know the tool is doing it right? What if it makes errors? Automation isn’t actually as bad as you think it is. If anything, it can help make your life easier. The best part, you get to decide which part of your marketing you can automate.

You can automate your email newsletters, schedule your social media posts, have an AI chatbot for customer service, even the marketing messages you send for each customer demographic. Add some automation into your marketing strategy and you’ll find more time to devote on higher thinking tasks.

Think of Your Customers

Sometimes, we spend so much time thinking about our business and offer that we fail to forget the true building block of it, our customers! Think of them for once this time and ask for their opinion. Get their feedback on your products. Provide undeniably good customer service. Think of ways to make their life easier. It may just be what you need to rejuvenate your business!

Marketing Materials

Consider changing some of your marketing materials. Maybe that radio ad that’s been running for years isn’t getting that much sales anymore. If anything, it drives people crazy when they hear it. Or how about that billboard sign that’s been gathering dust in the highway. Get rid of these outdated marketing materials and spend your marketing budget on platforms that will give you better results like email or social media.

Which of these are you going to implement first? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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