6 Tips for Staying Fit While on a Holiday

Going on a holiday, whether it’s just for a day or several days such as during Christmas, typically means time for indulgences in food, drinks, and a multitude of other festivities.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with enjoying, but too much can lead to serious health issues. For instance, the Christmas season can bring an increase of heart-related illnesses and incidents. To help keep your mind and body healthy, below are some tips that can help you stay fit while on a holiday.

1. Know what it means to live healthily.

It’s interesting how different people have different opinions on what it means to live healthily. However, there are certain science-based facts that everyone should have in mind when they want to make lifestyle changes for the better.

There are several ways to broaden your knowledge of proper nutrition and fitness. One example is to enrol in a first aid training course in Perth. Other methods can include buying a book on proper diet and nutrition or reading online articles on the subject.

2. Be mindful of your drinking.

Alcoholic drinks seem to be everywhere on holidays. While it’s easy to worry about the amount of calories we intake from eating different food, liquid calories are still something not to be taken lightly. In fact, some alcoholic beverages or high-sugar drinks contain enough calories to be considered a full meal.

This not only leads to rapid weight gain, but it can also cause health issues that won’t show themselves until several years later. Instead of drinking high-calorie beverages, stick to tea, black coffee, or water. If you must drink alcohol, then remember to do so in moderation.

3. Stay physically active.

Not having a gym membership doesn’t mean that there’s no point in exercising. In fact, there are several effective and high-intensity workouts that can be done at home and can burn calories just as well as if you were at the gym.

If heavy workouts aren’t for you, you can incorporate early morning or late evening walks just to get your body moving. If your schedule during your holiday is packed, then search for quick burst exercises that can really make you sweat.

4. Fill yourself up with healthy food.

Holidays are often celebrated with various parties and social gatherings that have a wide assortment of unhealthy meals and snacks.

Before you start stuffing yourself, think about the quality of the food you’re about to put into your body. Some food can seem satisfying but be filled with empty calories. Go for the types of food that are packed with good nutrients that can help make you feel full for longer. If you have a sweet tooth and
can’t help but have dessert, consider taking smaller portions or just share a place with your loved ones.

5. Practice eating slower.

During feasts or parties, you may be tempted to go back for seconds after you gulp down your first plate of goodies. Instead of eating as if it’s your last meal, however, why not try taking smaller and slower bites so you can savour every piece of food more. This also helps you pay attention to your body when it signals to you that you’re already full.

6. Don’t go to parties while hungry.

Arriving at a party or gathering on an empty stomach may spell disaster for your healthy living lifestyle. Have a light snack comprised of healthy fruits and vegetables right before a party and you’ll be surprised at how much control you have over your eating later on.

Going on a holiday doesn’t have to take a toll on your health or your waistline. While letting yourself go every once in a while probably won’t do any harm, it’s important to know your limits and to give your body what it truly needs in terms of physical activity and nutrients.



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