The Gold Necklaces That Travel Best Around The World

So, by now you all know I travel. A LOT. There are certain staples I have in my carry-on and since happening upon Aurate’s awesome collection of accessories, these beautiful pieces have made their way into my rotation.  My travels are usually a mix of business and exploration, so I look for pieces that are versatile and can move easily between both styles and I’m loving these thoughtfully designed pieces.  Part of me loves their backstory,  a brand NYC born and bred with designers taking inspiration from the iconic architecture and designs of the city, infusing sustainability and sparkle.

My style is edgy but not flashy, daring but not over the top and in the past few weeks I’ve gotten so many compliments on the ring  I’ve been wearing nearly daily across different cities and I’ve already got my eye on a few necklaces that I can already envision being major conversation pieces.  Understated yet bold, I find this collection to be the perfect complement to any style, nearly any outfit and certainly holding up through the transition from daytime to evening style.

So, here’s my take…these great sexy Aurate pieces wrapped up in amazing global-logoed jewelery cases by Airportag, packed in a Nomatic backpack complemented by the ever-durable and always-within-carry on limits Genius Pack while dressed in my Carbon 38 travel gear create the perfect jetset scenario.

Shop some amazing necklaces here!


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