A Guide to Your Newborn’s First Outing

Taking a baby out for the first time will seem a bit nerve racking to most new parents. Because newborns are fragile and building up their immune system, it’s best to keep trips short, and if possible, away from the public— especially if they’re born during the cold and flu season. If you’re a new parent and need some help getting ready for your first trip out of the house, here are some basic tips on what to know and what to pack.


Make this one a habit. Whether you’re using disposable diapers or all-in-one cloth diapers, never leave the house without them. The easiest way to ensure you’re always stocked up on diapers is to always keep a good amount in your diaper bag without letting them run low. As a rule of thumb, newborns must be changed every 2-3 hours. Keeping a minimum of five diapers in your diaper bag will ensure you always have enough for unforseen time away from home.

A car seat and stroller cover

You’ll want to keep your baby away from germs, coughs, sneezes, and other factors you can’t control when you’re in public. Car seat and stroller covers are extremely easy to work with. Once the baby is out of the car, simply place the cover around the entire car seat or stroller to create a sort of “personal insulated bubble”. You can also use the cover to wrap both you and your baby if you need privacy during breastfeeding.

 A baby chest carrier

For short trips, the hassle of lugging so much around is just not worth it. If you know you and your baby will be in and out a lot, bringing a baby chest carrier can simplify things for both of you. For instance, if you want to get some fresh air and exercise, there’s no need to load up a stroller when you can just carry the baby in a carrier and still have both hands free. If you’re wanting to pick up a few quick items from the grocery store, you can quickly strap on your baby and make a quick trip without lugging a heavy car seat around.

Because newborns tend to sleep the majority of the day, you might feel bad waking them up to place them in your carrier. In this instance, you can opt to out their car seat in the shopping cart.

  Diaper bag necessities

With any trip that you take, always be prepared for the unexpected. Sometimes life causes delays which are out of our control, so being prepared can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with unanticipated events. Along with diapers and wipes, be sure to include a change of clothes, an extra blanket, formula, a couple of pacifiers, a couple of teething toys, and a changing pad. Being prepared can make sure your baby has all of their necessities at any given time.  

Now that you’re ready to take your first journey outside of your home, keep in mind that by nature, people will want to get close to see a cute baby. Don’t be afraid to turn them down. Keeping your baby safe is your first priority and people will understand. Infections like the whooping cough can put your baby at risk. If you’d like to avoid the dialogue, remember that your car seat and stroller cover can be used as an obvious barrier between baby and strangers.

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