Baby Formula to fulfill your babies nutritional need

Believe it or not, every parent is a superhero for its kid, who can do everything for them. However, these superheroes lose their power when their small babies are crying and are sleep deprived. This can be because they are hungry, or it does not fill their stomach. You say that you have done breastfeeding but did it fill their empty stomach. Probably not that’s why your small baby is crying; however, don’t worry you can try to give your baby the infant formula milk as an alternative of breastmilk.

If you look in the market there are a variety of options available for the baby formula and choosing the best among them for your child can be difficult. There are various factors that you have to see while choosing the best baby formula and that is cost, the health of the baby and much more but the major factor that decision is whether formula will be accepted by your baby.

As everyone knows that formula and breast milk are two major sources of nutrition for a baby during the first six months and then you can use them along with supplemented food as nutrition till the first year. Before giving your baby the infant formula, you need to take permission from the child’s pediatricians which formula will be good for your baby.

The parents use baby Formula to feed their children to meet their basic needs for nutrition. So, it’s the responsibility of parents to choose the baby formula accordingly so that your child is getting all the nutrients they require that. If you think every baby formula is equal, then you are wrong. They may have different ingredients in them, but all are designed similar to breast milk. Since two babies are not similar, likewise they too cannot like the same baby formula.

What to consider while buying Baby Formula?

If you will buy baby formula for your infant, then you need to consider following things like the type of the formula, or is it a milk-based product or not and much more. Go through the below-mentioned points to know more:

Type of the Baby Formula

There are three types of a baby formula for colic that you can use and they are:

  • Ready to use Liquid Formula

It is like what’s its name suggests; read to use and comes in various ready to feed bottles. In this formula, you need not mix and measure the formula, and thus there is no chance of error while preparing this formula to feed your infant.

  • Concentrated Liquid Formula

You need to first prepare it before feeding it to your baby by mixing an equal amount of water and formula. One of the benefits of using this concentrated formula is that you can refrigerate one batch formula for about 48 hours.

  • Powdered Formula

This powdered formula is a very common type of formula the parents use that in large numbers as it is cheaper than the other two. You need to dissolve the powdered formula in the water and then mix it properly before feeding it to your baby.

What’s the source of Protein or Milk?

Cow’s Milk is one of the most common sources of protein as well as milk; however, most babies are intolerant toward this milk. Even when we know that cow’s milk closely looks like breast milk, but you cannot do anything if your infant doesn’t like it. You can even go for the powdered cow milk for your baby, as most pediatricians suggest. If your baby has intolerance toward the powdered cow milk too, then you can go for:

  • Organic Formula

You can use the natural baby formula if you want to give a natural lifestyle to your baby.

  • Soy Milk Formula

You can use this formula when your baby has an allergy with the cow milk. You can even use goat and almond milk as the alternative of soy milk.

  • Reduced Lactose and Lactose-free

One of the most used baby formulas in place of the cow milk formula. You can go for this formula if your baby has indigestion or intolerance because of lactose.

If you are looking for the best formula for colic and gas, then also you need to first ask your child’s pediatrician, as they can tell which formula will best suit your kid if they have colic and gas issues. Don’t let your child suffer from the indigestion and gas anymore and get them a good baby formula.




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