We live in an incredible time with so many possibilities and advantages for women everywhere. Every year, more women have decided to start up businesses and build their skills. Even for stay at home moms, technology allows them to jump start their career while they are taking care of their children. The normal path of business owners starts in similar ways. They have an idea that builds up over time, and eventually they decide to go all in to make their dream a reality.

There are a lot of lessons you can learn from the path other women have taken to establish themselves as entrepreneurs. This list will discuss several women that balanced their home lives with their aspirations and became incredibly successful in the process. Each one had their own path and challenges to overcome to be where they are today.

Jessica Alba

When Alba was pregnant with her first child, she had an incident with a household detergent that started her on her journey to create The Honest Company that is now worth billions. After researching many different products, Alba realized that many cleaning and body care products use toxins and harmful fragrances. She realized that millions of mothers around the globe were facing the same issues and concerns, and decided to create products that were safe for them and their families.

The Honest Company creates products that are safe and eco friendly. They started their sales in Target and eventually branched out to other retailers like Nordstrom and Buy Buy Baby. The company launched an IPO in 2016 and now generates over $250 million dollars in sales every year. Alba attributes all of her drive and ambition to being a mother, something that she loves and fills her with joy every day. It’s incredible that her entrepreneurial journey started with a simple need to find safe and environmentally friendly products for her and her daughters.

J.K. Rowling

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Is there anyone left in the world that hasn’t heard of the Harry Potter series? The beloved story of a young wizard has spawned countless books, movies, games, memorabilia and more. While the details of this story are known to many, the circumstances surrounding it’s creation still are relatively unknown. J.K. Rowling was a divorced single mother on the brink of poverty when her book series took off.

She attributes her work ethic and creative ambitions to her daughter. Being a young single mother with not a lot of options left to her, she saw a future and possibilities in her writing and focused her goals to become the incredibly wealthy and successful entrepreneur she is today.

Tracy Stevens

While many people will recognize Jessica Alba or J.K.Rowling, not many people outside the NBA would recognize Tracy Stevens. In her world however, she is well known and respected. Tracy is the wife of the accomplished NBA coach Brad Stevens who has had favorable odds to win “coach of the year” several years in a row. Tracy is known around the NBA for her business minded nature. Not only does she help advise Brad on business and promotional matters regarding the team, she is also a law graduate who used her skills to negotiate his contract when he first interviewed for the position.

While balancing raising her two children and her law career, she still found the time to help her husband manage the Boston Celtics, a team worth $1.5 billion. Tracy is a great example of a business minded woman that works hard for both her family and her own career, without needing the distractions of fame and the media.

Barbara Corcoran

When it comes to entrepreneurial women, few are more well known or respected as Barbara Corcoran. She has recently become very famous for her regular appearances on the hit show Shark Tank where she reviews hundreds of business pitches with her co-hosts. Before she was known for the show, she was busy not only raising her two children, but also growing a real estate empire in NYC and a net worth of over $80 million.

She has stated that “the two greatest joys in life are raising children and building a business.” This sentiment is something that is very deep and speaks to the core of women everywhere. It’s wonderful that she has gotten to experience both of these great joys in her life and I’m sure she wishes the same for women everywhere.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a controversial figure in popular culture today. Regardless of your own feelings, it is undeniable that she has leveraged her popularity and turned it into numerous growing businesses. Mother to four children, she balances raising her children and being wife to the massively popular singer Kanye West with her own entrepreneurial pursuits. It must run in the family as her younger sister Kylie Jenner has also become a wildly successful entrepreneur in her own right.

Kim has her own cosmetics line, KKW Beauty, which generates over $100 million in sales annually and makes up the bulk of her fortune. Aside from that, she also has had mobile games, fashion lines, and of course incredibly popular television shows that she is most remembered for. While this sounds like quite a lot for any one person to take on, Kim has also expressed aspirations to become a lawyer like her famous father Robert Kardasian.

Julie Aigner-Clark

When you consider products made by mothers for mothers, or products made to help children, there is no better example than the Baby Einstein series by Julie Aigner-Clark.  As the brains behind the very successful series, she first conceived this idea while raising her children as a stay at home mom. The product was a series of DVDs and books that assisted in the intellectual development of children from a very young age. After realizing the potential in the market for this great product and understanding how much families around the world could benefit, she went all in and built the series herself. The Baby Einstein programs enjoyed immense success and helped families and children for years.



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