Protect Your Kids with Allergy Labels

Of all the things parents worry about, allergies are one of the most urgent. Whether your kid is allergic to one thing or to nine, you’re likely spending a lot of time and energy managing their symptoms and preventing allergic reactions.

Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate some of your stress and anxiety around your kid’s allergies. One way is through a clear organizational system that helps you keep track of the allergies. Custom allergy stickers for kids are a hassle-free way to get started.

What Are Allergy Stickers for Kids?

A custom allergy sticker is a label that can go on your kid’s lunchbox, water bottle, Tupperware, or travel gear. The best stickers are dishwasher-safe and waterproof for long-lasting product use. For this reason, stickers work much better than, say, scrawling on the lunchboxes with a permanent marker.

To keep things visually clear and simple, use an icon that indicates what the allergy is, like peanuts, dairy, gluten, or eggs. You can also put your kids’ name(s) and add an emergency phone number. Truly anything that your kid or a supervising adult might need to know at a glance is a great idea to include on an allergy label.

Benefits of Allergy Stickers for Kids

Use allergy stickers to make organization and meal prep a breeze, especially if you have more than one child with allergies. By labeling certain containers and lunchboxes as allergy-free, you’ll take the effort out of trying to coordinate which kid gets which meal. And, most obviously, allergen labels are imperative to the child with severe allergies as it will ensure that no allergen ever touches or contaminates their lunchbox.

Allergy stickers are also extremely convenient to have for when your kid will be outside of your supervision. More often than not, kids might not even remember their own allergies. Having a clear and visible label showcasing your kids’ allergies will let the teachers and administrators know what foods your child needs to avoid. In the case of snack time or a birthday party, parents and other adults can easily see what foods your child isn’t allowed to eat.

Where to Get Allergy Stickers for Kids

The most efficient way to get allergy stickers is to design your own. StickerYou lets customers customize stickers, and its stickers are long-lasting and dishwasher-safe. They also peel off easily when you decide to use that Tupperware for something else.

With StickerYou’s easy-to-use, durable stickers, you can rest assured that the allergy label won’t come off in the dishwasher or be bleached by the sun, making it the perfect choice to help protect your kid against encounters with allergens.



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