7 Unconventional Ideas to Make this COVID Quarantine Period More Productive for Mommies

Staying at home is what we do best nowadays, ever since the coronavirus outbreak. Although we all understand its importance for our health and safety, most of just can’t help but get bored, especially our kids and teens.

As moms, there is like an unwritten rule that pressures us to take action and create activities to make ease this boredom while practically not wasting precious time to nonsense. It’s like we have the solution to everything. So don’t worry if you’re already running out of brilliant ideas – here are some great unconventional ways to make this COVID quarantine productive and worthwhile.

Learn basic automotive repair (you can never tell when you will need it)

We promised unconventional, right? Well, this may not be for the whole family. But at least you can hit two bird with one stone – actually learn to fix your car, especially during emergency, plus you get to bond with your husband, or even your children who are intrested to also figure it out hands-on.

Unlock the web developer skill (you may want to build your own family website too)

In your own spare time, you might want to check out some Youtube videos or webinars about basic web developing if you would want to consider building your own family blog. Creating content, whether videos, photos or articles in your own space on the Internet is indeed fun and exciting for each member of the family. Just a simple brainstorming on potential creative domain names, checking whois for availability and finding a dependable web hosting, then you can now begin your family adventures online. Who knows, you might even get a living out of it.

Refurbish your webbed and dusty attic or warehouse (do it with your kids for a possible “treasure hunt”)

If you have kids ages four to 10 (or beyond, as long as they would still enjoy), you can let them join you for a little treasure hunt on your attic or basement. Aside from unearthing old photos and stuff, you will have extra hands to help on decluttering, plus, your kids will not be “haunted” by that room, since they helped clean it up.

Figure out simple appliance fixes (give them a second chance)

You may want to ask help from your children on this as well. Give some of your things at home a little quick fix.

Brush up on your dancing or singing talents (best with your kids)

If you are planning to do the family website, this one can be a wonderful content starter.

Try gardening with your children (it’s stressfully relaxing!)

All the dirt and leaves that stick in clothes and hairs can be stressful, but generally, gardening is a “detoxifying” hobby. Let your kids start early with this.

Study stock market investment (you might need it for extra income sooner or later)

This might be for your personal use, or together with your husband and little grown ups. But in an uncertain time of crisis, you will need some knowledge and backup. Understanding the stock market or even actually investing on it may help your family in the near future.

These above-mentioned suggestions are just some ideas to aid. What’s actually important is to make every moment count and make the best out of this awful pandemic season.


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