Maybe it’s the memories of crystal blue waters, or the bubbling pools, or the idea of eating ice cream twice a day while cooling off in the shade after a day out in the sun with our kids, or perhaps it’s the memory of trying out a new watersport or a new food with them, discovering a calmer more relaxed mode that we never thought we had.  Those are the thoughts that keep us going in a time of uncertainty, when we revel in the gorgeous thoughts and imagine where we will once again go in the future…but. In the meantime, we remain at home with the summer ahead of us that will certainly be a much different pathway than we’re used to. Every parent is wondering how we’ll keep up the constant engagement when otherwise familiar activities aren’t currently available, I’m no different, so here are a few things I’ll be engaging in with my daughter, inspired by a wonderfully curated list by the Beaches team. Aside from delivering family vacations of a lifetime, they’re pretty good at at-home inspiration as well.

One of the things I remember most about being home with my mother when I was little was being able to help her do all the things I felt I didn’t yet know how to do. Sewing a button on to a shirt, cooking spaghetti or scrambled eggs, understanding how things like dishwashers and washing machines worked…in other words, getting back to basics. We are always so used to running all over the place that it’s nice to be able to focus on things that we all need to know but sometimes forget.

Journaling is the best way to not only express emotions but to recall amazing memories.  Today. We just don’t do enough of that so we’ll be journaling together about our past travels, where we wish to go in the future, and also recording our day to day during this very unsettling time. We will want to look back and learn from this, and also see how far we’ve come and who we’ve grown into. It’s also a wonderful way to keep handwriting up, which is beginning to become a lost art.

It’s an excellent time to consider learning a new language! Aside from countless apps one can download, it’s something that inspires more conversation and engagement from your children and a great way to keep them learning, chatting and wondering.  There’s also no substitute for inspiring curiosity and fun little experiments are always methods to inspire wonder. Consider growing some plants, doing a fun slime creation with food coloring, even going on a nature walk in your own yard or on your block to see what you can find and investigate. All of it can be fun and educational.

And then, when the time is right, the moment will arrive when we’ll be traveling again with our families.  Whether it’s impressive architecture evoking the emotions of Italy, France and beyond in the villages of their Turks & Caicos resort that also boasts 10 impressive pools, creative global dining options, a teen disco, and endless activities for the family, or one of two stunning resorts in Jamaica each with similar amenities, it’s the optimum cure for the quarantine blues. Family bonds become strongest in challenging times, but also the most beautiful when spent in places where the relationships can be celebrated so for now, you’re encouraged to dream and not long from now, you’ll be able to find yourself and your loved ones indulging in a most well-deserved family vacation of a lifetime.

For more information, visit https://www.beaches.com/vacations/kids/


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