How CBD Can Help Moms Manage Stress

Have you tried CBD yet? According to a recent Gallup Poll, 14% of Americans have already tried at least one CBD product. Today the substance is found in everything from beauty creams to chocolate and even coffee.

One of the many benefits of CBD is its use as a stress management tool. If you are thinking of trying CBD to help you manage stress, here’s what you should know.

The dangers of stress for moms

Balancing home life with a professional career means that mothers often have to deal with a great deal of stress. Which isn’t in itself a bad thing.

Stress is part of your body’s fight or flight response. It arises in the face of danger and difficult challenges in order to get us ready to act. As a result, rising stress levels lead to a rise in tension within the body. In moderate amounts, stress hormones can help you focus and make you more alert.

Problems arise when stress is such a common part of your daily life as to be classified as chronic. Chronic stress may be caused by chemical imbalances, as well as unhealthy habits and dealing with intense external pressure. Trying to handle an ongoing crisis, such as work instability or a health crisis in the family, may stress you to the point where the condition can be classified as chronic.

That state of constant stress can tank both your physical and mental health. It makes you more prone to illness and increases your risk of developing a heart condition. It also increases your risk of depression and reduces your patience. All of which can make your personal and professional life a lot more difficult.

What is CBD?

We can’t discuss how CBD can help you deal with stress without firmly establishing what the substance is. CBD is a hemp-extract that is known to provide several health benefits. On top of that, CBD is psychoactive, acting as a mood depressant.

Psychoactive means that the substance impacts your mood, but it does not necessarily mean that the substance will affect your perception of reality. THC, CBD, alcohol, caffeine, LSD, and nicotine are all psychoactive substances, but only some of them is intoxicating. THC, for example, is a stimulant. It induces euphoria and paranoia, as well as the subjective feeling of intoxication. In other words, THC is the part of cannabis that gets you stoned.

CBD, on the other hand, produces zero feelings of intoxication. Even at extremely high doses, the worst CBD can do is make you feel sleepy. At moderate amounts, CBD will make you feel calm and relaxed without affecting your ability to think or focus.

How CBD can help you manage stress

The calming effects of CBD go beyond just subjectively making you feel more relaxed. The substance treats the causes of stress, as well as the symptoms. And since stress and anxiety share many similar causes, CBD ends up being effective in mitigating both conditions.

Once it reaches your bloodstream, CBD can reduce the volumes of stress hormones in your bloodstream. The calming psychoactive properties of the substance can help you let go of tension around your body, further decreasing your stress levels.

CBD can also benefit stressed people in indirect ways. For example, exercising is known to reduce your stress levels, and CBD can treat post-workout pain and inflammation. That reduces the discomfort associated with regular exercise, helping you keep it as part of your routine. And as Cibdol pointed out, CBD also improves sleep quality. Following a regular sleep schedule is known to help reduce the levels of stress hormones in your bloodstream.




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