How to Clean a Kids Room in 15 Minutes

If you have kids, you already know how messy they can be. And, probably the idea of entrusting them with the duty to clean the room within 15 minutes may only get the situation worse. That’s because everything would be shoved right under the bed along with dust ruffle. This article is a step by step guide on how you can clean a kid’s room within 15 minutes to get their room in a good shape free from clutters. This way, you don’t have to give up an entire day on cleaning.

How to clean the room:

Here are the steps that would make you clean the room fast.

Arrange the supplies first – When you are about to clean a room you must have the necessary supplies. These may include a toy box, trash container, hamper, broom or vacuum cleaner, and a box, bag or a basket to put the clutter items in. Before you begin to clean the room make sure to have them. Don’t start cleaning the room until you have all of them in place. Trying to find the requisite supplies one after another is a waste of time. Gather them together and start the task.

Put the dirty clothes in the hamper – It is often seen that dirty clothes in the room are always near the hamper, but you need to put them inside the hamper. Don’t worry about turning the clothes in the right way or unfold the socks. You can sort out the laundry later.

Out unwanted things inside the trash can – When you are cleaning the room, ensure that you are focused only on trash right now. Sort out all the undesirable things in the room and throw them right away in the trash can.

Prepare the bed – If you think that making the bed is a waste of time, you need to give it a second thought. Making a bed is not a waste of time. Stretch out the sheets, and smooth out the comforter or blanket. Fluff the pillows and arrange them properly in the bed. Stand back aside and have a good look at the bed. Now, it looks much tidier than it was earlier. On the brighter side, your kids won’t even lose important things in the bed when it is neat and clean.

Rehang or refold clean clothes – This is what makes some bed handy in certain specific ways. If you need to rehang or refold a lot of your kids’ clothes, you can stack them on the bed to help you remind them later to fold them. This saves a little time while cleaning the room, keeps the room neat and clean, and makes sure that you need to fold them before going to the bed.

Pick up and arrange the toys – Put all the toys scattered here and there into the toybox or wherever they can fit themselves. At this moment, don’t think about sorting the toys to find out the right kind of box to put in. Put them all in the box at once.

Remove the clutter from the room – For this, you need to identify the things that don’t belong in your kid’s room and place them in the box or basket to remove. At this moment you should think of cleaning the room and remove the unnecessary items. Hence, put all the things in one basket for now.

Mop, sweep, or vacuum – That’s the last step you need to do in the room. Clean the room with a vacuum, or you can just mop or sweep.

Set aside all the supplies – After you have completed cleaning the room, it is time for you to put away the supplies. Now, you are done. Doesn’t it look like a place that you want your kids to live in?

Get your kids to learn cleaning the room:

Sometimes it may not be easy to persuade your kids to clean their rooms. However, if you give your kids proper tools, incentives, and a deep understanding of why it is important to keep their room tidy, the whole process becomes much easier. Here are some ideas that you may share with your kids to get their rooms clean regardless of their age.

  • Explain to your kids that cleaning their room is a part of family duty. And, taking responsibility for cleaning their own room is a matter of enjoying their space. This way, everyone in the house remains happy as well. When you find that your kids are too young to understand this conversation, maybe it’s time to give them some incentives
  • There are some parents who tie the completion of the cleaning task to a weekly reward system. But, the allowance doesn’t have to be monetary. You can design a point system where your kids can use the reward points to redeem a specific privilege or prize. This can include, certain things your kids value most or increase their screen time.
  • Prepare a chart so that your kids can check the cleaning tasks they have completed. Some children, especially the younger ones may choose to have stickers. Keep in mind to remind your kids about the cleaning tasks they need to do every day. This way, they would develop good habits if they stick out to a regular plan
  • Put the required supplies and cleaning products in a bucket and put it in a spot closer to your kid’s room for easy access. It makes it easier for your kids to start the cleaning process and don’t have to manage time gathering supplies
  • Ask your children about what they think about furniture arrangement in that room, and help them redecorate and rearrange if they want to. As such, they become more responsible
  • When your kids get demotivated or tired, they might want some help. Assist them for a few moments and help them to get started once again.


Knowing how to clean your kids’ room in the right way saves you time and leave the room in such a condition that your children are happy to spend time in. It’s time that you provide your kids with a cleanup solution that takes less time and leave the room tidy.



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