5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

If you are like most pet parents, you probably consider your dog to be one of your very best friends, and you want to give your pup the healthiest, happiest life possible. Here are a few simple areas to focus on to ensure you’re doing right by your treasured companion.

  1. Nutrition

Just as your health and well-being are likely to improve when you eat well and consume reasonable quantities, your dog will also be better off if it receives proper nutrition. Feeding your pet a balanced diet in the right portions helps it stay fit, healthy and energetic. Start by doing some research on your own to find the best feeding routine for your dog’s age, breed and existing medical concerns. Always be sure to check with your vet, however, before changing your pet’s diet.

  1. Exercise

Even with a healthy diet, your dog may still put on unwanted pounds if it is inactive. Taking regular walks with your pet and engaging it in other fun activities, such as hiking, swimming or simply running off-leash at a dog park, can get your pup moving. Playing catch with a ball or Frisbee is another entertaining way to get Fido off the couch. As a bonus, much of the exercise your pet gets can help you stay active too.

  1. Mental Stimulation

Most experts agree that keeping your dog mentally engaged can be just as important as diet and exercise when it comes to its well-being. If you’re feeling ambitious and have some extra space, rigging up and running your pup through an obstacle course can be a great way to get its brain working. For something simpler, dog toys such as those from Barx Buddy can be both challenging and entertaining for your pooch. Even hiding treats around the house for your dog to find can provide good mental stimulation.

  1. Grooming

Keeping your dog looking its best doesn’t just make it more attractive, but it can also contribute greatly to its health and happiness. Again, just as with humans, regular baths and nail trims can make your dog feel clean and comfortable. These activities also give you a chance to keep on top of any changes in your pet’s fur, nails or skin that might need attention.

  1. Love

If you feel bonded to your dog, it likely comes as no surprise to learn that showing your pup love and affection is actually good for its well-being. Research shows that when you spend time petting and cuddling with your pooch, neurochemicals are released that flood your pet with positive feelings. It is becoming evident that your dog’s happiness increases when you are showering it with love; chances are you probably feel the same effect also.

While it takes some effort, it’s not very difficult to keep your dog fit and happy. By taking proper care of your pup, which includes keeping it mentally and physically active and regularly showering it with love, you’ll be doing your part to ensure your dog remains healthy and well.




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