The home office. It has an entirely new meaning these days. Whereas for so many, it used to be a once in a while indulgence but everything shifted this year and as we spend more time working from home, its important to focus on design, form and function for whatever that space means to you. If you’re going to be working through this now normal in the now space, let it become your normal fused with comfort and inspiration.

It’s different, it’s quiet, it’s an adjustment. You may be used to the loud nature of an office with constant interruptions and even welcome distractions but in many cases, home offices are born of spaces we create that were never meant to be workstations so the right setup is crucial. Integrating a bit of feng shui in your design can keep you energized by adhering to a few simple elements that make a massive difference such as:

  • Placing a plant in your eyeline
  • Using essential oils for soothing aromas
  • Keeping free of clutter
  • Ensure you have a comfortable chair & seating arrangement
  • Facing the door or entrance of your workspace while sitting in your chair
  • Getting rid of sharp angles

Toting a laptop was great during the commuting days but hours spent at a desk can wreak havoc on your eyes. We suggest you upgrade your screen to a larger size suitable for long hours spent at the home office desk where it’s easy to lose track of time. An enlarged screen can be easier on your eyesight and keep you more energized.  Have a look at some monitors for sale and make the most of your office space whilst taking care of yourself.

And, lest we forget, the all-important office chair. Too many of us skimp on this element, opting to simply transplant a dining room chair or kitchen stool that’s going unused as a temporary measure but as temporary is now long term, think about your back.  Posture and a strong core contribute to a strong mind, and those video calls just look better when you’re sitting up straight and able to look directly into a camera.  Though it may not be the ideal time to head into a store to test it out, invest wisely in chairs that offer solid lumbar support and consider ergonomic adjustments in your everyday life which will reduce fatigue and stress while increasing comfort such as ensuring support for your arms, being conscious of slouching, and keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

A solid home office setting serves as setting the precedent for a more productive outcome as we all continue to adapt to the now normal.



Gabriella Ribeiro

Owner + Editor In Chief at The Mogul Mom
Gabriella is a true Mogul Mom. The owner and editor in chief of The Mogul Mom. She also owns TruMarketing, Explorateur Journeys, is the founder of The 48 Hour Power Jaunt.



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