Photographs never go out of style. This is just one of those universal facts and most notably a significant truth when it comes to new parents who absolutely adore taking countless photos of their precious new arrival. Every holiday, every milestone, every movement, every advancement…life quickly becomes a veritable baby photo shoot all gets snapped up and shared but all too often, we forget the physical photos that are not only the most beautiful reminders but can also be the best gifts just like the KeaBabies Memory Book.


My mother harps on me all the time that she just doesn’t have enough prints of her granddaughter. Mind you, she’s 12 now but that first year is just full of so many incredible memories so I ordered one to be able to create a beautiful memory book for her birthday.  I was impressed that it arrived right away and I could get started, and it took no time at all to fill 90 pages of content. Why? Because it’s prompted…by milestones, specific dates and so on so it’s ideal for busy non-crafters like me who aren’t long on artistic creativity. This does the work for you, specially designed pages that look beautiful and really bring back memories of your best newborn photography works.


We all strive to be ultra creative when it comes to things like unique baby shower gifts or even birthday presents for relatives but truly, what is better than reliving the memories of the unbelievably special kids in our lives?  Check one out now, visit

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