Top 5 Software Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Know About

As a Digital marketer, exploring the latest and the most-effective digital marketing tools will boost your productivity, help you get ahead of the competition, and make your job much easier.

While many tools out there do the basics, there are professional, functional, and more specialized software tools that can help you perform specific functions effectively. 

This article will explore the top five software tools you must know as a digital marketer to achieve the best results with your digital marketing efforts.

Let’s get right into it.

  • Transcription tools 


As a digital marketer, sometimes you would need to transcribe your audio and visual content to texts to share across your social media platforms, blogs and websites.

However, doing this manually can be arduous and time-consuming. This is why it’s important to use transcription tools to help convert your audio and visual contents easily and in real-time.

See a top choice professional transcription tool you can use as a digital marketer. 


Happyscribe is an audio-to-text converter tool that transcribes your audio and visual files to text.

This transcription tool effectively transcribes files in over 120 languages, including English, Spanish, French, and German, to text.

It comes with a free transcription editor, automatic transcription, and professional transcription features, which help you achieve accurate results with your transcriptions in no time.

  • Email marketing tools 


Emails are one of the best forms of marketing to engage and connect with customers and potential customers.

It allows you to send personalized messages to your audience, gain credibility and build trust, which helps you reach your sales goals.

However, many digital marketers continue to face challenges with their email marketing efforts which involve creating and sending emails to customers and leads, scheduling emails, and tracking results. 

But with the help of email marketing tools,  performing all of these tasks becomes easy. 

Marketers can create, personalize, schedule, track, and send emails faster and with minimum efforts, saving time and boosting productivity. 

Below is a list of a few email marketing tools every digital marketer should explore.


Mailchimp is one of the most popular and widely used email marketing tools.

It enables marketers to create and schedule emails and also provides valuable audience insights to help marketers monitor click rates, open rates, and other important insights. 

EMMA is an effective email marketing tool for marketers who want to understand their audience better. 

It offers A/B testing and comes with tools such as Dynamic Content blocks that enable you to deliver customized emails specific to your audience’s needs. 


Sender is one of the best email marketing tools you can use to implement your email marketing strategy. 

It helps you save time and makes the process of creating and sending emails more convenient. All you need to do is choose from the wide range of templates available and customize newsletters with images, videos, and texts.

It also assists you in tracking results and personalizing emails to achieve the best results. 

  • Social media marketing tools 


As a digital marketer, social media marketing tools are definitely a must-have.

It is where you connect with brands, engage with customers, post valuable content and drive sales. 

However, with the various social media platforms available, posting, engaging, and measuring social media results can be a lot of work.

With the help of social media tools, you can perform tasks effectively on social media.

Social media tools help you schedule posts, create marketing campaigns and synchronize content across various social media platforms, making your work easier. 

See a few of our favorite social media tools that work effectively:


Buffer is a prominent social media publishing software tool used by over 75,000 digital marketers and brands worldwide.

Buffer software tool is used across major social media platforms such as Instagram (to manage personal and business accounts), LinkedIn (For profiles and pages), Twitter, Pinterest (for board management only).

Buffer software offers different products for digital marketers. These products include :

  • Buffer Publish

This is the only buffer product that comes with a free version. It enables you to schedule social media posts for later, and it posts across selected social media platforms at specified times.

  • Buffer Reply 

Buffer Reply product offers a shared inbox that responds to messages and attends to customers’ challenges. 

Buffer reply lets you respond to messages and customers’ complaints across all social media platforms from one place. 

  • Buffer Analyze 

Buffer Analyze provides insights on the progress of your social media pages. 

What’s more?  The Buffer Analyze feature often provides you with suggestions on growing your social media accounts by giving you tips that help increase your reach, engagements and make more sales on social media. 


Instasize helps you create beautiful, professional pictures across social media platforms. 

Although many editing apps do this, the Instasize app is more creative, versatile, and fun to use.

You can resize images to fit into recommended sizes for the different social media platforms you post to, overlay texts, and make beautiful collages with the different features available. 


In recent times, video content has proven to be effective in engaging target audiences on social media.  This is why Biteable comes in handy.

Biteable helps you create clear, professional, and engaging videos without hassle. 

This software tool is equipped with different templates you can customize with amazing footage and music to create the best videos that captivate your audience on social media.

  • Content marketing tools 


Digital marketing involves creating and curating valuable content for your audience. There are many tools available to aid your content creation and curating process. Many of them are also easy to use and simple to navigate to give you excellent results in little time.

These are the best content marketing tools you can explore for the best results:


An important aspect of content creation is content comparison. It’s necessary to measure to see that your contents are doing well and to see the ones that are performing poorly so that you can make the right adjustments. Feedly helps you achieve this.

You can measure the progress of your content and also track the contents driving traffic for your competitors. 

Also, this tool helps you organize all your contents in a dashboard, so they are easy to navigate and post.


Ion Interactive is one of the best content marketing software tools you can use to create interactive content as a digital marketer. 

With Ion Interactive, you have access to different templates for landing pages, quizzes, e-books, and so much more. Ion Interactive also helps you monitor your content and know how well your audience accepts the different types of content you post.


Landscape is an effective content resizing tool that ensures all your posts fit into the specific size required for the different platforms you post them to. It helps your visuals stand out on social media because they don’t look poor or shabby.

The resizing process is also easy. Simply upload your image and choose your preferred social platform, then resize.

  • Analytics software tools 


To measure your marketing efforts, you must use the right analytical tools to measure your marketing results effectively.

Analytics software tools help you measure results more precisely, compile and track data to get the right insights to reach your digital marketing goals. 

These are some of the most professional analytical software tools you can use to measure your marketing results in the best way possible. 


Woopra is an excellent customer behavior analytical tool.

It is a software specific to ecommerce businesses, focusing on tackling particular challenges that companies face.

Woopra helps you analyze your visitors’ experiences on your website to identify what’s responsible for whichever action they take.

These analyses give you insights into the factors that might be hindering visitors from making purchases so you can come up with strategies to tackle them effectively. 

What’s more? Woopra organizes all these data in a simple and easy-to-understand way, so understanding the data never gets overwhelming or confusing.


Google Analytics is unarguably the most popular type of analytics software tool used by digital marketers across the globe.

Google Analytics gives you insights into how much of your content is being seen and how your audience reacts to it. 

With these insights, you can identify the best form of content your audience relates to, know your audience’s location, and craft the best content to suit your audience’s needs. 

The Google Data Studio helps you know what data is actionable and what data is not.

With the insights provided by the Google Data Studio, you get a clear understanding of the right action to take to achieve your marketing goals.


This article discussed the top five software tools that can take your digital marketing career to the next level. 

As a digital marketer, exploring these tools to perform the tasks specific to the functions of these tools will help you achieve more and experience positive results with your digital marketing efforts. 



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