Digital Marketing: How It Benefits Businesses

Digital marketing is two words that we are confident businesses-driven individuals and budding entrepreneurs the world over is acquainted with. Whether you are aware of it or not, it is something that consumes significant aspects of our everyday lives and which we engage with on numerous occasions throughout our days.


Dominating the advertising industry in recent years, digital marketing has gone from strength to strength, working and growing in tandem with technological developments that we witness regularly.


While it is something that the vast majority of people are accustomed to, there may well be some people who are complete novices in this department, and rightly so. There is a lot of information and details to know about digital marketing that takes a lot to get your head around, and that is where we are here to help.


We have created a guide below on how digital marketing works, what it constitutes, and how it benefits businesses. Whether you are looking to learn about digital marketing from the beginning or merely want to update the existing knowledge you have, we are confident that there will be something of value here. Read on for more.


What Is Digital Marketing?


Let’s start at the beginning for those who are somewhat unsure as to what the term Digital Marketing means.


In a nutshell: Digital Marketing is the form of advertising that utilizes the internet, social media platforms, mobile devices, and other avenues to get a message through to audiences and consumers. Naturally, this way of advertising differs significantly from the more traditional methods and is ever-growing and changing.


While Digital Marketing grows and changes on its own accord, it also needs to be flexible when keeping up with changes and adaptations within particular sectors as well. That being said, Digital Marketing is undoubtedly a method of advertising that can be considered universal; it can be used in a variety of industries and settings.


So, you may well be asking yourself what constitutes Digital Marketing? That is a good question and has many answers, leading us to the following point.


What Does it Encompass? 


There are many types of advertising – both techniques, methods, and tools – that would fall under the umbrella term: Digital Marketing.


The two most prominent types of digital ads are:


  • Social Media Advertising: This is something that we have all come across at some point or another. Scrolling through Instagram or Facebook looking at family and friends’ posts, when all of a sudden you come across an advertisement. While some of the time, these ads can be random, there are undoubtedly times when they seem much more accurate, displaying something that you have previously browsed on your device. By posing personalized ads that connect with people, companies are increasing their chances of people clicking on the ad and following through to their landing page to make a purchase. People are active and engaged on social media, so it’s a great platform for companies to be creative and drive awareness and ultimately, sales.
  • Display Advertising: Display Ads are the most common form of digital advertising online. They are the banner adverts that you often see while scrolling on a website that typically consists of a visual and call-to-action. Display ads are an effective way of increasing brand awareness and website traffic. It is often used for retargeting as well, which you’ve surely seen before, all those ads that follow you across the internet, reminding you of items you left in a shopping cart? Pretty effective, right?

Almost 90% of Display Ads online are programmatic, which means automatically bought with intelligent software. How do you ensure that your ads are showing up on websites that your target audience frequents? You can’t just rely on technology, you need an experienced advertising partner to bring human expertise when it comes to strategies like targeting, budgeting, and the execution of the actual ads.


Marketing agencies like War Room provide businesses with all they need to know about using something like this in their own business. Head to their website to find out more.


How It Benefits Businesses


The most significant benefit of using Digital Marketing within your business is that it is considered a somewhat cost-effective method of advertising your products and/or services.


Digital Marketing encompasses a wide variety of other tools, not just those that enable you to display messages to your audiences. One such tool is that of analytics; you can see first-hand the results of your efforts and determine what is working and what isn’t. You get a better sense of consumer behavior and you’ll be able to predict and plan new campaigns around the data you analyze.


Digital Marketing provides businesses with the opportunity to effectively and swiftly make changes to their strategies, to be as effective with their time, effort, and resources as possible. It is undoubtedly something to implement into your business, no matter the size.




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