Finance and Entrepreneurship in the Post-Corona Period

You are the strongest when you are yourself – always keep that in mind. It is the easiest thing to achieve but, at the same time, the most difficult. Be your own, be original. It is not easy to get to know yourselves, to decide who you are, who you will be, and what is important to you. But it is possible.

A bit off-topic: If you have small children, you must have watched cartoons with them. There is one called Kung Fu Panda and as banal as it may sound, something can be learned from it. In the third part, the master tells Panda to stop comparing himself to others and to simply be his own. Such fat and clumsy will defeat the enemy because he was chosen for it. Even though he looks the way he looks. That is his purpose.

So, there is no need for comparison and competition but be your own and do what you need to do (usually this is what you really like and get lost in time and space when you do the so-called flow). And then you will ‘win’ in the game of life because of and not in spite of all its disadvantages and advantages.

What Awaits Us After the Corona?

The answer: lots more coronas. We do not mean literally. We are not pessimists, on the contrary, but as always in life, the lessons will be repeated until we learn them. Everything serves us for personal growth and development. And all the relationships around us, all the situations, even the corona, our businesses, a job – everything. We hope that the whole society will change, but in order for something to change, consciousness must change first. Only then does the way of thinking change, then the actions change, and, after that, we get different results.

The corona is an opportunity for a turn, for a society of new/old good values, for a society of humanity and togetherness. We will see if we will use it and to what extent. It is up to us. We were given the opportunity to take pause, to reconsider what is important to us and who is important to us. What we really need. How we want to move on. Some use this to actually stop, they simply have done it, and now have time. They make life and business turns. Others are still running around. They used to work 14 hours, and now, they are on Zoom meetings the same number of hours a day. The essence is important, the content, not the form. We must change the essence, not the form. So far, many have just changed their forms.

For profound changes, as we have already mentioned, you need a change of awareness and attitudes. That is why we say that there will be more lessons to teach us that we are all connected, that nature can do without us but we cannot do without it, that we can be good as a whole as well as the weakest link in society is good… Changes are inevitable in life anyway. We must not look at them as good or bad because every change feeds our soul. We must not equate change with a lack of control because control is mostly an illusion. Life happens and should happen, what we can always do is accept and continue shaping our path.

It is never crucial what happens to us but how we react to it, what we do about it, whether we see hidden blessings or continue complaining, or build something beautiful out of the ashes of the old. The point is in the journey anyway, in the process, not in the goal. Why in the process? Because, in this process, we build a (better) self and a better society. When you get stuck in life, remember your ancestors who survived the whole war in concentration camps or survived the bombing, or the Great Famine… depending on the part of the world you live in. You will immediately stop whining and you will find the strength to move on. If they could do it, you can and you must, too.

How Do We See Finance and Entrepreneurship After the Corona?

For the money, the mental structure of abundance is crucial, i.e. how we see money and what we think about ourselves and the people who have it. The mindset of abundance means that we have a focus on what we have, and not on what we do not have, not to compare ourselves with others because everyone carries their own cross and there is really no reason for envy, for a competition. We can never have everything. And, if you knew everything about others, not only what is on Facebook and Instagram, you would say to yourself: “My cross is quite good”.

We think that finance will undergo a great transformation. We will see what will happen to money and the banking system as we know it. But again, we expect the essence to remain the same. We need some measure of value, some tool as a means of exchanging products and services – what money serves for now but is not money. What is not good, and what we have done so far is that everything revolves around money, that money is a measure of personal value and success. That is why we chase something non-stop, that is why everything goes faster, stronger, bigger, more and more, that is why we work all day to earn money to buy what we do need and do not need because they told us in the advertisement that we are not enough like this or that, so we have to buy it to be better and happier and to compare ourselves with others. And all that beyond our capabilities – in the forms of installments, cards, and loans.

Entrepreneurship is always a good idea. Being your own boss brings a lot of problems but it also brings a feeling of freedom and happiness. And, now, is finally the opportunity for all of you to show the human side of the business. In entrepreneurship, it is more important to be, stay, and become a human than how much you earn along the way. It is ideal in business if you can pack your talents and what you love into a product and service and offer it to the market – to trust yourselves and listen to intuition, and to surround yourselves with people who will support you. To make decisions based on who you are and what is important to you, to do what you love, what fulfills you, and what makes sense to you. To know to whom you are at the service and what problem you are solving, to know how unique and original you are, and by what you differ in relation to the competition.

It is time for businesses that leave marks, contribute to society and the community, it is time for businesses that have an impact, for businesses that create a better world today and tomorrow, that make a profit but also more than that. It is time for businesses with purpose, which make millions with purpose and for everyone around them: for employees, customers, suppliers, the wider community… the planet… for everything. It is time for businesses that are the Source of Good. It is time for cooperation and not competition, for togetherness and not a comparison, for contribution and not proving, for inner fulfillment and not the fulfillment of goals, for adapting the work to life and not the life to work.

What Skills Will We Need Now?

Skills or mindset? That is one of the current issues now. How are we going to cope in the new age after the corona? We think the mindset is always more important. You can always learn skills along the way, and they change quickly. You always need communication and sales but now you also need all the skills related to online business. Whether it is social media, digital marketing, building websites (which provides an opportunity to master this ‘craft’ yourself and make webpages from scratch with your own brains and hands), tutoring… It is important to know how to get the most out of circumstances that you have and that are not ideal, how quickly you adapt, how quickly you accept things as they are, and rise after falls.

That attitude, that mindset is crucial. And how you talk to yourselves, what words you say to yourselves, whether you support yourselves, and, of course, who you hang out with. Whom you read, follow, with whom you drink coffee, and, more importantly, with whom you do not drink it. And whom you do not read or follow. Your business is progressing to the level you are progressing to.

So, if you want to change anything in business, you must first change yourselves, the same as everything else in life. As far as work is concerned, it is about time for the human side of the business – to be human and remain human. And build jobs with a purpose, jobs that do Good.



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