How Love Vs Design Is Changing Wallpaper Forever

Love Vs Design is a company that was started back in 2006 and since then they have made a name for themselves for being one of the best home wallpaper designers and providers in the entire world. They have self-adhesive wallpaper in a large variety of colors and patterns that will make it almost impossible for you to choose a wallpaper that will make your bedroom glow and look beautiful and more appealing than it already is. In addition to this, they also have a large collection of kid’s bedroom wallpaper available on their site which gives your kids a plethora of ways in which they can express their creativity and interests.


Love Vs Design has gained widespread popularity in the past few years because of the positive changes and enhancements they have brought to the wallpaper industry in recent times. With that being said, here are the various ways in which Love Vs Design has changed the landscape of the online wallpaper industry forever;

Introducing a New Online Customization Feature

The creative team at Love Vs Design has introduced a new online customization feature that is only limited and available on their site. This feature allows you to customize a particular wallpaper design any way you want. You can select any design that is available in their large selection like geometric and nature themed designs as well as other animal patterns and sports designs and customize based on your needs and desires.

With the introduction of this new online feature, you can make small changes like changing the color of the pattern or waves and making small alterations in the design and set up of the wallpaper. You can also make further large and  more drastic changes like changing the pattern altogether to fit your particular needs.

This Customization feature also gives you the added benefit that you can create your own new design instead of using one of the pretexting ones. This new design feature allows you to express your creativity and interests in an entirely new light and it helps you in creating the wallpaper of your dreams for your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or any other area of the house.


Boasting a Large Wallpaper Collection

In addition to offering a customization feature that allows you to create your own wallpaper, Love Vs Design also has a collection of thousands of wallpapers available on their website. This large collection gives you unlimited options to choose from when you are looking to decorate or renovate your house. It does not matter what your likes and interests are as you can rest easy knowing that they will have a design available in their huge collection that you will love.

Offering a Love It Guarantee

Another thing that makes Love Vs Design the best online wallpaper company in the world is that they offer a Love It guarantee on both their wallpaper sites. This guarantee means that if you don’t like the wallpaper that you ordered or it didn’t come out as you designed it online then they will either reprint your wallpaper for you free of charge or they will refund you the entire amount that you paid for the wallpaper.

All this and more is what has allowed Love Vs Design to revolutionize and change the world of wallpapers forever.






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