Wireless Broadband – Are We Experiencing the Future of the Internet?

The birth of cellular phones and tablets paved the way to wireless broadband.  Before these things existed, we were used to cable connections such as phone lines, broadband cable and DSL.


Up to this day, there are still places that make use of old cables as means to connect to the internet, but slowly, wireless broadband is invading, and it is no surprise that this will become the future of the internet.  Here’s why.


The number of smartphones and tablets that are being used today are growing in number, hence the demand for wireless connection is also increasing exponentially. Aside from smartphones and tablets – laptops, computers, TV’s, other gadgets, and even machines now use wireless internet connection.  In fact, some homes are called “smart homes”, where switches and devices are all linked through wireless internet and can be operated remotely using smartphones.  How cool is that?


There are also a number of reasons why wireless broadband plans are the future of internet service.




The greatest benefit of not being tied to any cable is that internet can be connected directly to a specific area of home through a wireless tower.  A lot of internet service providers from countries are now setting up wireless towers instead of cables which makes the whole area served with wireless internet.  Soon, more of these towers will be built all over the globe and everyone will be able to benefit from this kind of technology.




Wireless internet connection is now being made compatible with different kinds of gadgets, from cell phones, TVs, tablets, computers, printers, and even switches.  Nowadays, the most common means to have WiFi connection at home or in the office is to connect the WLAN/LAN cable to a router with a wireless internet modem.  This automatically creates a personal wireless home network while still enjoying fast internet service.  People on the go have pocket wifi’s, where they insert sim cards with internet subscriptions, and enjoy wireless connection for their gadgets.




The newest wireless internet services available today are very fast.  It’s even faster than most wired internet services.  You will notice the increase in speed from EDGE to 3G, then 4G, and now 5G. As ISPs are constantly improving our internet connections, imagine how faster it can get in the near future, especially if almost all connections are wireless.




When upgrading your wired internet, there is a need to replace your line, or a new line needs to be laid inside your house, or worse, your internet line simply can’t be upgraded. But with wireless internet, no lines or cables are involved, and all communications run through the air.


So, when there is a need for an upgrade, data transfer is enabled and a new level of service is automatically created.  Just a few upgrades on the communication towers, plus that of your modem or device, and you’re all set.

Because of all these features that the wireless network possesses, it is easy to see that this is the future of the internet.  For now, wired internet is still very useful, however, time will come when the benefits of wireless internet connection will supersede all that the wired connection has.  Technology is evolving, more so the internet, especially that the world has become practically dependent on it.



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