How To Ensure There Never Is A Boring Day For Your Child Again

Remember those days, not so long ago, when we struggled to find activities that were safe for our children in an uncertain world? What we’ve learned, among many other lessons, is that kids need to be engaged and inspired continually. While that might not always be possible for parents to do in person, there’s a wonderful alternative called DIY – an online after-school playground for kids where any kid, anywhere, can try and learn anything they want – any time! 

DIY is the premier pathway of access to creativity and learning for parents and their children, with a huge library of hands-on projects, online courses, how-to videos, live workshops, and an amazing global community of kids ages 5-15 hailing from over 148 different countries. Each how-to video and live workshop pertains to a skill. When kids attempt challenges or create projects from these videos, they earn skill badges and Experience Points (XPs). With over 150 skill badges to collect and unlimited XPs to earn, there’s never a dull moment on DIY! Each badge is an achievement and each achievement means a smile – not to mention, a boost of confidence in a child’s journey to self-discovery.

The hands-on workshops, competitions and immersive lessons build confidence and spark conversations among kids from around the world thus elevating global awareness for each child and  giving them a feeling of accomplishment as they learn new skills. There’s something new every single day, and their team of moderators is always on hand to ensure the children are thinking outside the box. The best part? It’s all at one’s own pace so each child feels fulfilled at their level of ability.  Imagine never having a boring day again at home! 

Their mission is to ensure each child has a safe space. How do they do this? A variety of ways. From being 100% COPPA compliant to begin – the only adults on the platforms are moderators who are online and available 24/7 on demand to ensure the forum is free from bullying, intruders and negativity. Parents are kept constantly in the loop and children must use their parents’ email ID to register. Each time a child posts, parents receive a notification and a preview of their kid’s creations.

Equally as stellar are the opportunities for kids to volunteer and share their skills!  Just like their youngest instructor (age 7) who conducted a workshop on Scratch programming!  Check out another one of his peers conducting a Tae Kwon Do lesson :! 

Kids learn best about who they are and what they love when they have the opportunity to explore, learn and share.  Where better than a safe, expansive, fully moderated environment like the digital playground that is DIY!  Try it now free for 30 days and beyond that, just US $7.99 per month where you can cancel at any time-  start your journey here.

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